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Diy Pallet Dart Board

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  • $20

Simple design for a dart board. 30″ x 36″ makes for ample room for missed shots without damaging the wall. Used min wax special walnut stain 224. I spent about $20 to make it. All of the wood was recycled pallet wood.

Diy Pallet Dart Board Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
Diy Pallet Dart Board Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors
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Handmade Rustic Dartboard Backboard Surround Dart made from Reclaimed Pallet Wood
A rustic, driftwood style, dartboard backboard made from reclaimed wood. Handmade and totally unique, waxed to preserve and protect. The one in the pictures is now sold but if you click buy it now ...
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Nice Simple design. Good Job!


Where are the DIY instructions on this?

Reply to 

Sorry we don’t have the instructions for this one but looking at the pictures it shouldn’t be so difficult to build and don’t hesitate to try, it’s the best way to learn ;)

France Blanchard



How do you make these?

stephen scott
stephen scott

I was bored. now i’m boarding up to make several of these… thanks


Am I missing where they walk you through how they made the dart board case? Cool design would have loved to learn more about how it was built. Maybe 1001pallets can sell a little more ad space too. I mean there’s only a few ads on this page…….


There are no instruction on this..

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