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Amazing Pallet Shed Renovation

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If your old shed isn’t working for you, consider something like this Amazing Pallet Shed Renovation! With a stack of pallets, a little time and a small amount of money you can do this too!

How we did our Amazing Pallet Shed Renovation:

We had an old tin shed we needed to renovate so that we could barbecue and smoke our meats. We looked at a load of options, including new tin, breeze block (cinder blocks), and more. We compared prices, but every option was too expensive. We wanted our shed to be unique! Then my wife found with thousands of pallet projects and we came up with a plan. We decided to use different materials so it wouldn’t just like every other shed. The results are just what we wanted with very little cost.

We used pallet deck boards to cover the walls, trim around the windows, and do a general repair of the original old shed.

We needed two sheets of Dibond. We installed them behind the smoker and the grill as fire protection. We chose Dibond because it is lighter and easier to cut and mount, so it made sense. We liked that the aluminum composite sheets will keep the wood from getting smoke-stained or splattered. It looks neat and clean, too. We also used some 2x4s and a LOT of screws. We installed an LED strip, too. We built this in approximately 16 hours, and it cost us around 200 dollars. We’re very pleased with the results and functionality of the shed. And the bonus is that I have an awesome man-cave. So don’t be afraid to renovate!

Editor’s note: Dibond® is an aluminum composite material (ACM).  Dibond is made up of two pre-painted sheets of .012″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Made In USA. It has a Class 1 / Class A fire rating (ASTM E-84) and is self-extinguishing. 

We are not receiving any compensation, nor are we explicitly endorsing any products mentioned. This is for informational purposes only. 

Read about it here.

Amazing Pallet Shed Renovation Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

Amazing Pallet Shed Renovation Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

Amazing Pallet Shed Renovation Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

Amazing Pallet Shed Renovation Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

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I love this site. I need to build some extra storage for my home. I don’t have money to by a shed si I want to try to build one.

Reply to  Kelly

Great money-saving idea. 1st, check with your local planning/zoning department. You may have restrictions on size/placement, depending on where you live. 2nd – We built one – a 12×14′ shed with pallets and other upcycled materials, and bartered with a neighbor for most of the cement, etc. Total cost = less than 500 dollars. That’s a big shed if you think about it, plus it has 6 windows, I built a dutch-door for it, and tons of storage. Once you know what you can have on your property, I’d suggest to go for it. Look around; be creative- barter with… Read more »

Shona Hughes

Stephen Murphy

Ann-Marie Periam

Great idea – especially having the metal sheet for protection behind

Nadine Haworth

Christina Hill cool walls…

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