Pallet Teardrop Trailer


I couldn't find the source of this pallet teardrop trailer so that I could provide you with directions or details, but I love the result of this handmade project!

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Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott

I can send pics to those who are interested in the above teardrop camper. We pull it behind my 68 bug.

Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott

This trailer belongs to me. Funny finding it online.

Austin Miller

Way cool!

Wendy Lancaster

Donna, make me one of these, please!! xx

Donna Stanton

Oooo I like that ❤️

Wendy Lancaster

Donna, Corrie could do the metal work, xx

Donna Stanton

Wendy Lancaster Corrie Louise Hills what do you think xx

Corrie Louise Hills

Could give it ago and see what happens ?xx

Kristian Pollard

Craig Devine

Lydie Cakes

Man I wish the instructions were included on this.

Kendra M Jewell

I will to lol

Zelinda Hodgkins

Kendra M Jewell and Jason Jewell . Lol I found y’all a house you can make your selves .from pallets.

Max Power

Make you one for your travels Benji Tobin!

Leelee Scantlebury

Nicholas Jensen

Louie Sullivan

Chester Wilcox

Lisa Volatile

I like it as it is….Perfect! :) (y)

Rose Nitto-Gertz

I would use that (Y) Nice. I would paint it a nice color :-)

Melanie Guevara

Jeffrey a camping side piece lol
An love the roof

Jeffrey Connell

Love it!

Melanie Guevara

Sort of looks like the back end of an old Volkswagen lol

Alix Jones

Shirley Irvine this may appeal to your better half

Elaine Merritt

That will do me fine

Dawn Rook

New caravan for you Elaine Merritt ?

Annette Seid LaBar
Annette Seid LaBar


Driven Remodel & Restore

I have been inspired. Great page

David Macauley
David Macauley


Marie DeGrosa
Marie DeGrosa

Gary Ball … we were just taking about camping

Harry Waters
Harry Waters

Very nice.

Patricia Ballet
Patricia Ballet

c’est génial ! j’adore

Thomas Olausson
Thomas Olausson

Super wow!

Arron Darlington
Arron Darlington

Love it.

Titi Calmos
Titi Calmos

YESS……une remorque pour mes chiens !!!

Jean-baptiste Babousky
Jean-baptiste Babousky

mais c’est une maison de Hobbit !

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