by Gary Todd

Pallet Kids Playhouse

  • 16 pallets

  • medium

  • 25h

  • n/a

Wouldn’t this have made your childhood more fun? Don’t be envious; find some pallets and build your own charming Pallet Kids Playhouse.

Finishing Touches on this Pallet Kids Playhouse:

I built this house in about 25 hours. I used 16 pallets in this build. I had to do a lot of cutting and fitting, and you can see the scrap bits to the left of this playhouse.  However, I feel it was worth it, as the angled walls give it a charm that a boring box wouldn’t have. When I finished the assembly, I painted it in bright, cheerful colors for a little more whimsy.

Pallet Kids Playhouse Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

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