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Get Grillin' With These 10 Pallet Barbecue Projects!

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Summertime means it's time to Do the 'Cue! But wait, what if you don't have an incredible outdoor kitchen or barbecue set-up? Find some fantastic inspiration here with these 10 barbecue pallet projects! Don't throw out that old barbecue when the legs rust! Use some of our 10 Pallet Barbecue Projects to give you ideas!

Create this brilliant rolling barbecue cart!

Pallet Barbecue Projects like this rolling barbecue cart that uses an upcycled barbecue base, and pallet wood for the cart saves you a lot of money!
You can grill, AND you're mobile! This rolling grill cart is pretty handy, and a way to save an older BBQ that works, but maybe has rusted legs.

Everyone will know you're the hosts with the most when they see your Covered Barbecue Surround Table made from pallets!

You'll be inspired by Pallet Barbecue Projects like this table/surround and covered work area for your outdoor grilling adventures. Made from pallets and sporting a corrugated metal roof, it'll keep the elements off of your delicious flame-kissed goodies.
Who would want to use an indoor kitchen when you have this lovely barbecue surround?

You don't have to spend a bunch to have an excellent outdoor grilling area. This Budget-Friendly Barbecue Bar has all the essential party ideas covered!

Save money and upcycle creatively. Use old acrylic, reasonably-priced corrugated polycarbonate roofing panels, old window and lots of pallets to create one of these great Pallet Barbecue Projects
Upcycle whatever you have to save money and create a great combination grilling area and bar area for the ultimate backyard party. Now you can buy those expensive beers! :)

You only need one pallet to create this easy Rolling Barbecue Cart! Or adapt this idea and build a handy rolling garden cart too! The flexibility of design is a great feature of many of these Pallet Barbecue Projects!

This is a super-simple, one-pallet idea, which is why it's one of our favorite pallet project ideas. A simple barbecue rolling cart!
This is an easy project for anyone to make, and you only need one pallet to do it!

If you have the time, space, and a little more budget, why not make a Pallet Dream Kitchen to expand your living areas into your backyard?

This pallet Dream Kitchen is so over-the-top, but it is actually not too complicated of a build. That's why it's our all-time favorite of our Pallet Barbecue Projects!
Who wouldn't want this in their backyard? Imagine hosting that important family gathering and having your family see this!

If you have the BBQ, just make a great BBQ Side Table! This idea is a quick and easy project!

Have all your bbq tools handy, along with a glass of wine (or two) to toast with friends!

If you want something different, make a giant, 8-foot-long Pallet BBQ TABLE!

Make the crowds remember your party with this giant BBQ Table. It'll be one of our outstanding Pallet Barbecue Projects for sure.
Now, this would wow the crowd! Check out this 8-ft-long pallet BBQ table! This would be a fun party centerpiece for sure!

Pallet Barbecue Projects are more than just carts. If you're not into grilling, but you love the idea of a campfire, then make this brilliant Pallet Fire Pit Enclosure!

Make a fire pit enclosure out of pallets. Pallet Barbecue Projects like these will have the family putting down the phones and gathering together.
Enjoy some quality family time roasting marshmallows or just enjoying the smell of a wood fire in this Pallet Fire Pit Enclosure.

Here's a handy place to store your tools with this Pallet Grilling Tools Shelf!

This little pallet grilling tools shelf is one of our great Pallet Barbecue Projects that you can use!
You always need extra space to hold your tools and supplies, and this is an easy project to create!

Make an entire BBQ Pallet Patio Area to enjoy grilling and family time!

This set includes a barbecue surround, sofa and seat made from pallet wood. An excellent addition to our Pallet Barbecue Projects!
Don't stop at just the BBQ surround - make an entire patio area to enjoy grilling and gatherings!

Turn the World into a Barbecue! Not enough time to build your pallet BBQ? You can check for a ready-to-use portable gas grill!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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Charlie Malone
Charlie Malone

How can you get plans for some of these ideas? I would love to build the covered BBQ grill.

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