Pallets in the GardenLounges & Garden SetsBbq Area At My House

Bbq Area At My House

I’ve just made this BBQ area on my house terrace with recycled pallets. I’ve made the BBQ table, the fence, a chair, and also a bench.

Bbq Area At My House Lounges & Garden Sets
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ברוך בן אברהם
ברוך בן אברהם

I’ve made this exact color before soaking safron in hot water. Tumeric makes a nice orange.

Tracy Vibert
Tracy Vibert

What’s with the barbed wire I’m intrigued nice furniture

Kevin Phillips

Razor wire?!… Do you live in prison?

Linda Lestard
Linda Lestard

bonjour a tous voila je voudrais fabriquer une creche pour a moindre cout pour noel mais aucune idee de la facon de la faire je vous demande de l aide svp

Fabienne Nicolas Ofiara
Fabienne Nicolas Ofiara

très sympa ce p’tit coin

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