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by Andy

Budget-friendly Pallet Bbq Bar

  • 5 pallets

  • easy

  • 5h

  • $50

Make a Budget-Friendly Pallet BBQ Bar and turn any small space into an inviting oasis! I was looking for ideas to use my corner deck space. I reviewed several 1001pallet ideas and was inspired by some of the designs!

Build your own Budget-Friendly Pallet BBQ Bar:

I collected 5 pallets and took them apart. I built the frame out of 4×4″ posts as the idea started to take shape. I made alterations like using a glass shelf I had lying around to create a low-maintenance countertop. I designed a space that I could roll my barbecue into. This build took me about 5 hours, but was fairly cheap costing around £50 (approx. 60 US Dollars). I had to buy the 6×1″ timber and low profile Correx corrugated sheeting for the roof. The Correx allows light to shine through while keeping the rain off of the work surfaces. I added some lights to make this budget-friendly pallet BBQ bar fun when we’re enjoying the summer evenings.

Budget-friendly Pallet Bbq Bar Pallet Bars
Budget-friendly Pallet Bbq Bar Pallet Bars

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Nice job – great idea!


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