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Beautiful Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter

  • 4 pallets

  • easy

  • 4h

  • $10

Update the look of an existing structure by combining the rustic charm of pallet wood with modern surfaces like stone, granite and more. This Stone-Topped Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter is a perfect example of a budget-friendly way to update a look.

Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter - build your own to create an outdoor living area or update an existing structure without spending a lot!

First I disassembled four pallets with a hammer and a claw-foot crowbar. Project Dimensions: 49.6 "x 85" wide "L" bench x 0.6 " deep x 40.6" high. I stripped off the old covering on the L-shaped counter I had and added 1" x 3" boards for a place to mount the pallet wood to. Next, I began cutting the boards to fit, staggering the joints to give it a nice look. I installed the boards with screws. Finally, I sanded everything and applied a varnish to seal.

Beautiful Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter Pallet Bars

This is a simple, but effective way of updating a look quite dramatically for a minimum of expense. Just remove the old covering and recover with pallet wood!
Beautiful Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter Pallet Bars

This project is easier than it looks. Just take your time, make sure you're cutting everything evenly, and you don't even have to miter the corners if you don't want. This bar was all butt-joints at the corner, and it turned out great!
Beautiful Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter Pallet Bars

This was a family project - even my little dog decided to supervise for a while. :)
Beautiful Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter Pallet Bars

You can use this idea for an outdoor bar area too!
Beautiful Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter Pallet Bars

Get the first row on straight, and the project moves ahead rapidly!

Beautiful Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter Pallet Bars

Beautiful Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter Pallet Bars

Beautiful Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter Pallet Bars

My outdoor kitchen is almost done, and it looks great! I need to finish the narrow side where you walk around into the kitchen area.
Beautiful Pallet Outdoor Kitchen Counter Pallet Bars

Success! My project is complete with the thin edge at the entrance to the kitchen area complete. The updated look integrates well with the brick flooring.

You can do this same idea to an old outdoor bar, or build a basic structure to CREATE your own pallet bar, too! Here are 6 Ways to Upcycle Items in Your Garden! With a gorgeous outdoor kitchen like this, you need a Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Lounge Set!

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