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Eye Catching Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set

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Make your patio or garden the best seating in the house with this Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set! It's a straightforward design, but the elegance is in the simplicity. This set was made from Euro pallets. To make a set of these for yourself, you'll need several pallets, lots of outdoor wood screws and/or nails, and various tools as listed on this post.

Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set - 2-Seater Sofa:

First, cut three Euro pallets in half, just beyond the center stringers. Remove any bottom deck boards and set them aside. Then, stack the three pallets on top of one another and secure together with screws. If you have pallets with top and bottom deck boards and the deck separates cleanly, you can install the whole deck assembly. If not, cut two stringer boards to the seat back height you desire (dimensions are supplied below for your convenience), and attach to the back of the sofa. Attach deck boards - spaced the way you want. We left approximately a 2-3" gap between the boards for a light, airy feel. Separate four sets of the end boards with the pallet spacer blocks. Next, stack them on top of one another to create the arm rests. If you want the arm rests lower, only use one set on each side.

Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set - Side Chair:

The side chairs are built like the sofa, except after cutting the pallets in half in one direction, trim the pallets in the other direction, still just past the pallet blocks. Repeat the process of the arm rests and back rest, trimming to the dimensions listed below (or to your taste).

Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set - Garden Table:

First, frame out the table, either using the dimensions supplied or to your needs. Next, attach the legs to the insides of the table frame, securing from the two contact sides. Pre-drill and screw them in place. Wrap the legs at the bottom and middle with more deck boards for extra stability. Finally, top the table - either tightly or leave gaps for a lighter look.

Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set - 2 Stools:

Build the stools just like the garden table, but cut the boards to the dimensions identified below (or to your needs). Use boards without any cracks or splits to prevent any injuries as the furniture weathers.

Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set - Finishing:

First, sand the pieces as smooth (or as rustic) as you like, but be sure to remove splinters. Wipe down the pieces with a lightly damp cloth to remove the sanding dust. Then, apply any color of stain that you wish. We used a dark oak color on our pieces. When the furniture dries, apply several coats of a UV-resistant Spar Varnish according to the manufacturer's directions for years of protection. We applied three coats of a light wax to ours.

Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set - Our Dimensions:

Dimensions of the stool height 44cm and width of 48cm the seat.

Coffee table has dimensions of 60cm height 44cm width and 80cm length.

Two-seater I did so that I cut three pallets longitudinally behind the cube I got width of about 48cm , also the chair I made the same way, the back of the two-seater with a used one pallet to a chair half pallets, two-seater and armchair means are assembled from three parts which I connected the screws, I hope it went well

Eye Catching Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set Lounges & Garden Sets
Eye Catching Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set Lounges & Garden Sets
Eye Catching Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set Lounges & Garden Sets

Eye Catching Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set Lounges & Garden Sets
Eye Catching Sittin' Pretty Pallet Garden Set Lounges & Garden Sets

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