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Must-see Pallet Outdoor Dream Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be just your imagination. With pallets, you can make your own Pallet Outdoor Dream Kitchen! This kitchen is 4 meters (13′) wide and made of recycled scrap pallets.

The cabinets:

First, we built the frame for the cabinets. I didn’t supply the dimensions because this fits our house, and may not fit yours. We cut the stringer boards and framed the cabinet unit out, creating shelving with the deck boards. Next, we created two doors for dining and grill supplies, but you may need to plumb for a propane tank. We framed them out only using deck boards to keep them light. We cut the deck boards to length and used two scraps for the boards to screw to. Next, we installed long, decorative hinges. I had taken the photos before we installed the knobs. Hooks and eyes may be another option, and the ones with the little spring latch will keep nosy pets and young children from quickly accessing the barbecue tools.

The countertops, walls & backsplash:

We framed out a sturdy countertop and used some cement backer board. This allowed us to install a tile surface. We did the tile work as one of the last steps. We created a bit of shade and wind block by making the side pieces. These were deck boards that we mounted vertically on the outside, and then did another layer of decorative floorboards on the inside. Then, we whitewash-stained the entire thing to keep the gorgeous tones but gave it a bit of a beach feel  We installed several different shelves, and some wall sconces then put up a few different inspirational signs that represented our family. The area over the grill was covered with corrugated roofing to provide extra shade. We love our Pallet Outdoor Dream Kitchen and urge you to go out and make your own!

Handy tips:

If you need help to dismantle your pallets to take apart the boards, here is an article that will present you with several ways of dismantling a wooden pallet.

More information on preparing your pallet before painting.

Must-see Pallet Outdoor Dream Kitchen Pallet Bars
Must-see Pallet Outdoor Dream Kitchen Pallet Bars
Must-see Pallet Outdoor Dream Kitchen Pallet Bars

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