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Rustic Pallet Sconces

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 4h

  • $1

I saw these rustic pallet sconces on Facebook and just knew I could make them from pallet wood. I found a pallet and gave this project a try! They only use a few boards from one pallet, and you could even use scraps from other projects!

Here’s how I made these Rustic Pallet Sconces

First, I cut the wood to size. I sanded all the pieces until they were fairly smooth and cleaned the surfaces of dust. Next, I stained the pieces a rich brown color, and after they were dry, I glued them together. I kept the pieces clamped tightly until they were dry. Finally, I sealed them with a polyurethane varnish in a satin finish and allowed them to dry.

Installing the hardware

First, I used wire around the necks of the jars to attach the chain. I painted the lids and secured them onto the jars. Next, I installed a large cup hook in each sconce board, and two small eye bolts into the tops of the boards. Finally, I attached a piece of chain between the small eye bolts to create a way to hang the pieces and hung the jars onto the larger cup hooks. The final touch was to add flickering tea lights to the jars. This was a very fun project and something that you could involve the kids in as well. You could customize these in so many ways, and these would make excellent holiday gifts too.

I’m very happy with how these Rustic Pallet Sconces came out – both with how they look, and how gentle they were to my wallet!

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Regina Souza
Regina Souza

Adorei seu projeto!! Vou fazer também!

Amber Morley

Stacey Hales u should make these

Lindsay Duffy

Hayden…how cool is this. I can just see this in your place

Nicki Duffy
Reply to  Lindsay Duffy

I’ll have one too thanks Hayden x

Shaylee Morrell

Omg I’m so making those!

Mirelli Ferreira

Nossa lindo demais…?

Paula Repetto

Alejandra Salinas mira! Me encantó para que hagan los llaucas! ?

Justin McKinnon

Erin Lydon for by the bed?

Erin Lydon


Festanny Festanny

Trop beau et bonne idée pour la terrasse l’été ?☀

Lorena Lopez Aguila

Me gustan

Laurent Thibault Chatelain

Ambiance pirates des Caraïbes lol

Landin Norman

Sarah Catherine Wood

Sarah Norman
Reply to  Landin Norman

Those are cute!

Hugo CH Bélanger

Merci boys c cool

Samuel Bélanger

Hugo CH Bélanger

Rémy Lajoie

Samuel Bélanger pour ton frère

Hugo CH Bélanger
Reply to  Rémy Lajoie

Merci ray c aporecier

Neus Peralt

Jonathan Brito Peralt,

Danny Parnham

Made mine yesterday. Just got to stain them now

Brad Strasser

Heather Ackerman these are kinda cool

Heather Ackerman
Reply to  Brad Strasser

For the house?

Brad Strasser
Reply to  Brad Strasser

Or 5/12/18

Emma Wilkins

Darren Wilkins for bird feeders

Reply to  Emma Wilkins

Great idea! :-D

Dorris Davis


Claire Pentecost

Stephen Jack the left over pallets??????

Stephen Jack

ya maybe

Carla Atkinson-Wareing

I like these Kelly Atkinson-Wareing xx

Aude Man Fiin

Ah ouiiiii c’est chouette

Celine Verhaeghe

Aude Man Fiin il faut qu’ on en fasse.

David Broomfield

Luke Hodson no stopping you

Claudine Gagneux

Pequina Gaia regarde ?

Catherine Ciani

Trop jolie

David Zeibig

Made dozens of these no one wanted them

Lorraine Burton

Andy Burton can you makec2 of these pls xx

Mart Ina

Alexandra ?

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