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by Brook Brent

Do Good: Build This Pallet Coffee Bar

  • 3 pallets

  • medium

  • 6h

  • $70

I made this custom Pallet Coffee Bar for a client. I used three pallets for this build and made a custom sign for the front. Shelves were used to create the bar top.

Build the perfect Pallet Coffee Bar and enjoy your outdoor living spaces!

First, I used 1 & 1/2 pallets to create the front, and the remaining half pallet for the side. Be sure to find an extra pallet to replace broken or cracked pallet deck boards. I also used deck boards along the inside of the bar to fill in for more shelf space. I also used two 12″x 16′ for shelves and bar countertops. Additionally, I used two 2″ x 6” x 16′ for bar trim pieces as well as shelving supports. Next, I stained the bar using three colors of stain for that mixed-wood look. I finished the wood with a polyurethane coat for that awesome shine. I used a router, circular saw, hammer, an 18-gauge nail gun, carpenter square, and clamps to hold in place when nailing. Additionally, I used carpenter’s wood glue at the joints. Don’t forget the safety gear!

Do Good: Build This Pallet Coffee Bar Pallet Bars
Imagine yourself outside, enjoying the sunrise as you sip a hot coffee at a pallet bar you built. This place to relax could be YOURS!
Do Good: Build This Pallet Coffee Bar Pallet Bars
I added in handy shelving for places to put supplies when you host a gathering.

Make the perfect gift for Dr. Who fans – a Pallet Dice Tower. Build wood & bike chain earrings!

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Erika Dielman

Land of a thousand hills coffee company has that as their slogan. ! Copyright infringement!

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