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Murphy Bar Liquor Pallet Cabinet

  • 2 pallets

  • easy

  • 4h

  • $40

What is a Murphy Bar? It’s typically a small, wall-mounted cabinet that acts as an extension of your inside bar for hosting outdoors, but this Murphy Bar Liquor Pallet Cabinet looks too good to relegate to the back yard!

My Murphy Bar Liquor Pallet Cabinet:

This cabinet measures 24″x 16″x 16″ and has a fold-down bar with storage below and above. This project will be mounted to a wall with secure anchors after completion.

I built a cabinet and used a scrap bit of plywood for the back, both for stability and for ease of mounting. Next, I lined the open sides with some expanded metal and secured with staples. I glued some pieces of pallets together to form a shelf. Then I installed it high enough to clear a standard wine bottle after it was dry. I created a small frame for the drop-down front door and covered it with pallet wood.

Finishing touches include installing eye screws and thin chain to hold the drop-down door secure, a set of hinges externally, and a small, decorative latch to hold the door in place when in the upright position. I’m looking forward to seeing this Murphy Bar Liquor Pallet Cabinet installed!

Murphy Bar Liquor Pallet Cabinet Pallet Bars
Murphy Bar Liquor Pallet Cabinet Pallet Bars
Murphy Bar Liquor Pallet Cabinet Pallet Bars

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