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17 Summer Holiday Pallet Project Ideas!

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Summer holidays, for whatever reason, and whatever country you're from, are always a great reason to have a party and be thankful for what you have. However, you don't have to spend a lot to celebrate with a lot of styles! Instead, use some of these summer holiday pallet projects to Jumpstart your celebrations without emptying your bank account!

Sometimes the simplest Summer Holiday Pallet Project Ideas can make for a great celebration!

Combination Pallet Tray & BBQ Cover!

When not using this Pallet Serving tray, it can serve a dual purpose to cover the barbecue and give you a bit of extra workspace. When you are hosting a party, just flip it over, fill it up with goodies for the grill and be ready for the holiday parties!

Replace that old grill, but don't throw it away! Upcycle it into a handy Pallet Rolling Serving Cart to make grilling easier!

Say thanks to that master griller in your family. Upgrade them to a new BBQ but do not just toss the old one away. Upcycle it, along with a bit of pallet wood, into a handy rolling serving cart. You will have extra work surface or serving surface that you can move around as needed.

Create a great place to both grill and hang out with this Budget-Friendly Pallet Bar & BBQ!

Celebrate the holiday with this great pallet bar that creates a bit of workspace for the BBQ too!

Put that BBQ on the pedestal it deserves with this Pallet BBQ Platform!

Put that barbecue on a pedestal where it deserves to be! This raised pallet deck will give you a comfortable work area, keep the barbecue out of the mud or grass, and makes it the center of any party!

Camouflage those boring ice chests/coolers with this Pallet Cooler Stand!

This DIY pallet project will make those celebrations even easier while adding a lot of enviable styles!

Get your BBQ tools organized with one of these Summer Holiday Pallet Project Ideas! This Pallet BBQ Tool Rack is a snap!

This handy BBQ organizer rack can even be taken and hung in the garage or a shed to keep everything neat, organized, and party-ready!

This 8-ft Pallet BBQ Super-Table proves that sometimes bigger IS better. :)

WOW! Can you believe this eight-foot-long grilling surface? This will get the attention of all of your neighbors!

Don't forget the little conveniences that make a party more fun - like this Pallet Bottle Opener/Cap-Catcher!

This is a great idea that will help keep the party going while keeping it neat. No more flung bottle caps to be hit by the lawn mower, or into the neighboring yards to cause problems later.

Don't forget to make that Adult Beverage Center (out of pallets, of course).

This adult beverage pallet cabinet could be great for parties - and add a set of wheels to make it mobile!

Summer Holiday Pallet Project Ideas: Make cleanup easier and hide unsightly trash cans with this Pallet Trash Can Bin.

The last thing anyone wants to do after a celebration is a lot of cleanups. So, be prepared and make these nice little pallet trash can bins.

This Pallet Coffee Table is like a superhero in disguise - it has a Recessed Ice Chest!

This table converts into a handy mini-party chest with a recessed ice chest hidden beneath a sedate top! How cool is that?

How about a DIY Pallet Popcorn Stand? Now that's fun!

Fresh popcorn and a mobile Popcorn Cart would make heads turn at any celebration. It is easy to make, too!

Create the perfect place to have family gatherings with this Backyard Pallet Bar & Lounge Set!

Now, THIS is a party!

Let the games begin - make a Pallet Cornhole Game Set!

Make the celebration a bit more fun with your own Pallet Cornhole boards!

Make Summer Holiday Pallet Project Ideas like this Pallet Camp Table! Perfect for those outdoor adventures!

Maybe you celebrate the summer holiday by going out to the great outdoors and getting closer to nature. Be sure to take a great pallet camping table with you to make your camping experience easier!

Make a beautiful Battle-Torn Flag to show your patriotism indoors or outdoors!

Some countries have patriotic holidays in the summer. If your country is enjoying a patriotic holiday, then this battle-torn flag idea is a great way to show your national pride!

Here's an easy Pallet Flag to make!

Here is an easy version of a pallet flag that even the kids can help make!

And if you don't have any pallets available, what about turning plastic bags into great Party Flags!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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