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Metal-topped Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island

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I made this Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island and topped it with a single piece of 1/4" steel. I artificially aged and rusted the metal before sealing it. One side is open for the food prep, pots and pans. It also has two shelves at the end for cookbooks or other storage.

Add both storage and prep space with this Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island.

I built this Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island for a friend of our son and daughter- in law. The metal top is one piece of 1/4 inch steel that was made to look rusty before sealing it. It has a wood frame around it. One side is open for prepping food, and for storing pots and pans. It also has two shelves at the end for cookbooks. On the other end, there is room for two to four bar stools.

Now make this Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island MOBILE!

Every leg has 2" locking caster wheels since it was very heavy (about 150 lbs.). It is very easy to move around. I welded the wheels to the leg caps. Then, I aged the metal to have a rusted look before sealing it.  I assembled the cart with lag screws and drywall screws. Additionally, I installed some boards with a nail gun. Then it was stained, distressed white before sealing it. The side that the stools are on overhangs about a foot. It fits in a small kitchen very well, and so easy to move around. She thoroughly liked it.

This Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island has two shelves for extra storage and a large metal work surface.
I installed Sturdy casters to allow the kitchen island to be rolled around easily.
I used locking casters to secure the kitchen island.
Lock the casters, and the table remains in place.
I built this Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island with two shelves for lots of extra storage space.
Two large shelves provide storage for those infrequently-used appliances.
I used a large sheet of metal to provide a durable work surface on this Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island
The metal top provides a large work surface that'll last for years.
The cantilevered counter provides eating area around this Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island.
With the overhanging countertop, you can even use this island as a seating area.
The metal top is gorgeous on this Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island.
The metal top is gorgeous!
The back view of the island shows that it can seat six people around the Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island.
Building a pallet project is always better when you do it with a friend. <3
Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island has a large, cantilevered counter to provide lots of seating space.
Another view of my island.
Two side shelves are perfect for baskets of snacks for the kids on this Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island.
Two end shelves are perfect for those baskets of fruit and snacks for the kids.
Here is the final project - my Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island.
My finished project.

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Bio: We are retired. We live in the southwestern desert in California.... read more

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