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21 Coastal Living Style Using Pallets

Love the beach? Sure, but who can afford living there? Instead, bring the beach and that gorgeous Coastal Living style to your home using pallets! Make your outdoor living area a vacation escape you can use anytime!

Coastal living in your backyard or outdoor living space is comfortable when you have pallets!

You can't have coastal living without having a Pallet Beach Lounger! There's nothing better than relaxing at the beach on a great lounger. But, if you don't have the beach, you can STILL have the lounger. Wiggle your toes in the sand or the grass with beautiful style and comfort using pallet wood!

Coastal Living means relaxing with your toes in the sand...or the grass if you don't live at the beach. However, you can still relax like a pro with this great pallet lounger!

Bring the beach indoors with this Beachy-Keen Coffee Table! This pallet coffee table has a center section where you can add whatever you want - and in this case, they added sand, shells and glass bits to create a bit of a beach vacation in the middle of their home!

Coastal Living bring the sand and seashells indoors with this fun pallet coffee table idea.

Even if you don't own beach-front property, you could make a Man Cave (or Woman Cave) in the Coastal Living style like this Reclaimed Pallet Beach House project.

Coastal Living pallet cabin or man cave idea.
Create your own man or woman cave with a coastal living feel like this project.

Make some art that reminds you of the beach like this Pallet Wood Beach Trash Art.

Coastal Living means making artwork from driftwood....or drift trash, right?
Bring the beach to you and help the environment with this fun and funky Pallet Art Idea.

Bring the fresh colors of beach homes indoors with this beautiful Whitewashed Pallet Headboard. This beautiful headboard captures the subtle tones of those weathered wood pieces we see with the silvers, pale colors, and whitewashed look. It creates a relaxed, peaceful and calming environment - perfect for those naps on lazy weekends!

Coastal Living should be relaxed, peaceful and calming. This pallet headboard meets all three with the subtle silver tones and the gentle whitewashing to soften the natural warmth of the wood.

What's kicking back on a beach deck without some great Pallet Adirondack Chairs?

Coastal Living means you need a set of pallet adirondack chairs.
Pallet Adirondack chairs. Great for anywhere, including your coastal living style!

You have to have a Pallet Palm Tree to create that Coastal Living feel!

Coastal Living includes this pallet palm tree.
Palm trees and the sand. If you can't have either, why not at least make one like this pallet Palm Tree?

Fresh colors in sweet pastels bring that Coastal Living style to life with this beautiful Pallet Sofa Set. Pampas grass, seaweed, and snow white sanded all in one pallet lounge set with the beautiful beachy tones used in this project.

Coastal Living like this pallet lounge set in natural moss and seagrass tones with white frames makes you dream of a Florida vacation!

Lounging on the beach can be even better with this Pallet Day Bed. Don't you want to just climb into that fluffy outdoor daybed, grab a book and take a nap with one foot dangling over into the sand? Yeah....we do too!

Coastal Living like this linen-topped pallet day bed just screams the beach!

Light and airy design is a beautiful aspect of Coastal Living - plus making the most of the small spaces like this beautiful Pallet Desk and Shelving Unit. Practical use of small spaces is something that most people living in the crowded coastal areas is used to. This excellent pallet desk/shelving combo does just that while keeping it light and airy.

Don't build a heavy, bulking desk. Coastal Living means light and airy use of space like this lightweight and practical pallet desk/shelving combo.

Make a whitewashed little Mobile Pallet Bar/Cart - perfect for that beach lifestyle and those great summertime parties!

Coastal living means you'll be hosting family and friends, so you'll surely need a pallet bar like this one.
An easy rolling pallet bar in light tones is just the thing for space-saving practicality, as well as a party-on-wheels!

Make an entire backyard Pallet Lounge Set that'll be a great escape. Use those cool colors, with beautiful blue pillows, splashes of other pastels and it'll feel like the beach in no time! Doesn't this pallet lounge set make you think of summers in Greece or some other exotic place? Give your backyard or outdoor space an exotic Coastal makeover with this excellent idea.

Coastal Living can be simple- make a great pallet lounge set, and paint it all white. Add pastel pillows and you're transported to the coasts of Greece.

Coastal living means getting to enjoy outdoor life too - like with this stunning Pallet Outdoor Bar! This white-painted stainless-topped pallet outdoor bar is just begging for that summer party. All you need is a fire pit (or a BBQ) and some marshmallows for nighttime fun!

Coastal Living like this beautiful stainless-topped pallet bar can be the start of a great party!

Even if you don't live at the beach, you have to have a Pallet Towel Rack! You may not have a beach, but you probably have a garden hose at least, or perhaps some kind of pool? If so, you'll need these cute towel racks!

Coastal Living means you'll need pallet towel racks.

Make some beautiful Pallet Wall Sconces to set the mood. Add some whitewash to give it a lighter, beachy look! The silvery tones of this pallet wood are reminiscent of those beautiful silvered coastal homes we drive by and wish we owned. Bring that look into your home with these great wall sconces.

Coastal Living furniture has clean lines and makes the most of the small spaces like this attractive Pallet Dining Room Set.

Coastal Living makes good use of space with this practical and elegant pallet wood table.
The light tones, practical and elegant function of this dining set would be perfect in any beach house or your home!

Add a little industrial flair with rich natural wood tones with this cool Pallet Chevron Coffee Table that features Pipe Legs. Industrial can still look modern and even elegant with a coat of light paint and if it is showcasing this stunning natural wood table. Done in a chevron pattern, it accentuates the grain and tones.

Coastal Living embraces the beautiful natural woods surrounded by light colors, like this beautiful chevron-patterned industrial pallet table.

Or try this Florida Room Pallet Coffee Table! Light tones and a little finesse make the humble pallet look beautiful. Couldn't you picture this in your coastal sunroom?

East Coastal Living like this Florida Room Coffee Table will add airy elegance to any room.

Make a beautiful Pallet Terrace, so it feels like you're living on a Boardwalk!

Coastal Living is leisurely. Make a beautiful pallet terrace and lounge set to enjoy the outdoors.
Add a whitewash to your lovely pallet deck and bring the beach to your backyard or garden area.

Maybe bring a bit of West Coast living to your outdoor spaces with this Surfer Pallet Bar!

West Coastal Living, dude! This surfboard-themed easy pallet bar will bring the tubular to your backyard!
Hey bud, let's party with this Surfboard-themed easy pallet bar.

And here's an excellent idea for Upcycling Driftwood!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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