Pallet FurniturePallet Coffee TablesBeachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table

Beachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table

  • 6 pallets

  • easy

  • 8h

  • $60

I made this Beachy-Keen Pallet Coffee Display Table using six pallets and did it for under 60 bucks. The idea was to make a small coffee table with a space in the center. We wanted a place to display some beach shells we’d collected. I had an idea in mind for the project, but I was not sure about building the inner frame. I totally improvised based on the pallets I had on hand and looked for the most straightforward way.

Beachy-Keen Pallet Coffee Display Table – dress up your living room, home office, or outdoor areas with this cool design idea!

It took me 8 hours to do this project. The most difficult for me was disassembling the pallets without damaging them, but now I have the technique :) I used Euro pallets on the top of the table because they’re thicker and better looking. The 1st pallet was the unit’s base, so I only had to install casters to the bottom. I set it aside for the time being. Next, I cut the center stringer out of the Euro pallet. Next, I used scrap boards to fill in along the bottom to create the box’s bottom. More deck boards lined the inside of the square to seal the display area. I used lesser pallet deck boards to trim around the top of the display pallet.

Line it if you’re using something like sand, but you could customize it to match any indoor or outdoor decor you wanted!

Then I mounted the display pallet onto the pallet with casters and screwed them together. I installed six small pieces of scrap wood and used silicone table supports to hold the glass in place safely. Have a part of glass cut to the size of the opening you create, and line the box if you’re using sand. Otherwise, put what you want into your display table and then put the glass in. This could even be changed for fun party decor or displaying important family mementos.


  • 1 large European pallet for the boards of the upper part of the table because they are thicker and aesthetically more beautiful.
  • 2 medium-sized pallets to be stacked on top of each other to make the height of the table. I chose them for their size because it was the exact size I wanted; even if the pallets seemed to be of lower quality than the European ones, in the end, it is not noticeable.
  • 3 or 4 small various pallets for the inside formwork of the table and the 3 outside walls, one side remaining open for the various storages.
  • 1 box of 40 or 50 screws
  • 4 wheels, including 2 swivel wheels
  • Satin Stain, rustic oak color (1st price), I liked the rendering, so I did not paint it afterward.
  • 1 glass cut to size at a glazier’s (29 euro)
  • 6 small glides to put the glass without damaging it.


Hammer chisel and crowbar for dismantling pallets, jigsaw, screwdriver, sander and some free time.

Beachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Beachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Beachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Beachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Beachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Beachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Beachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Beachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Beachy-keen Pallet Coffee Display Table Pallet Coffee Tables
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Jeje Chartrain

Ade Fred Casbamobil je kiffe et vous ?

Ade Fred Lèa Ilan
Reply to  Jeje Chartrain

C tt con à fer en plus…

Casbamobil Arizkuren
Reply to  Jeje Chartrain

grave sympa, et ouais cool à faire

Vincenzo Orecchioni

Con l’incentiva da ogni cosa nasce qualcosa di utile

Emeline Riquet

Alexandra une petite moule?

Jérôme Ichi-ni Rouffignac

moi qui ne saispas quoi faire des mes oursins amonites etc…

Quente Bewane

Dimitri Dupas t’as prochaine realisation ? ^^

Dimitri Dupas
Reply to  Quente Bewane

On va faire une petite pause ^^ mais pas mal

Quente Bewane
Reply to  Quente Bewane

Normal qu’une petite pause s’impose quand t’as un bébé c’est plus pareil :p

Dimitri Dupas
Reply to  Quente Bewane

^^ oui mais comme j’en ai pas ^^

Chris Bo

J’aime pas

Janaina Pinheiro

Lembrei de e ti Sabrina Soares…

Sabrina Soares

Qto sai uma destas Jana???

Janaina Pinheiro

Teria q fazer o orçamento conforme as medidas…

Danielle Butler

Krysten Palmer this is something I could picture at your place!

Helen Kent

Love this!

Caris Prosser

Toni Prosser how’s that she’ll coffee table coming along….

Toni Prosser
Reply to  Caris Prosser

Right idea but not looking at this wood.

Kara Hettrick

Justin Hettrick, make me one please

Justin Hettrick
Reply to  Kara Hettrick

I can do that. But where do we put it?

Kara Hettrick
Reply to  Kara Hettrick

In the new lounge room when you build the extension

Renee Gould

Yes, I think it’s a great idea.

Dee Clark

Nice. This would be nice with crystals!

Cory Cantu

Carrie Thornton thought you’d like this

Carrie Thornton
Reply to  Cory Cantu

Um yes love it

Siana O'Connell

Richard Robert Brave Solouota Maikara Haturini-Solouota

Richard Robert Brave Solouota

It’s a no for me.

Julie Emslie

Jake Kruger you can put turtles in your sand box!!!

Jessica Nicolle

Aaron Kain i want one!

Jessica Sacco

Sarah Louise for all your seashells!

Sarah Louise
Reply to  Jessica Sacco

Aw how cool is this!! Thanks fot the tag. Brady Williams pls make me one

Mikkel Uttenreitter

Fie Andersen
summer project?

Cindy Fuya-Dormans

Lili Mamm elle est superbe cette table hein

Sandrine Bonniven

Sylvia Rose de Dieu pour tes oursins

Sylvia Rose de Dieu


Adean Smith

Now James Baxter Wilkin Smith this is what I want


sweet design

Paula Oesterling DeRunk

Dave should make this for all of the beautiful shells and starfish you collect Barbara Wright.

Linda Baker

James Baker a table for pop

Antonio Demarcus

Que bueno. Robar aerena de la playa. Si todos vamos a robar arena de las playas, no quedaran playas. Asi que por bonito que pueda ser, desaprobo ese mesa


Y si bebes agua de manantial, tambien la robas? ;-) La arena viene del mar y siempre hay mas y mas. No es possible la “robar” como no es possible de robar la agua de manantial.

Cudda B
Cudda B

very nice indeed

Louise Stevens

This would be great on my deck

Aaron Deevers

Thank you for sharing, lost my mom on Tuesday, she has so many shells, I think I will build this to remember her. Thank you lot from my heart.

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