Pallet Home Décor Ideas36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home

The developments to improving the beauty of your home are exciting as it also comes with a few challenges along the way. The main goal is to express your taste in your aesthetic design. But it’s not a revelation that people may stumble upon a few dilemmas that might bring down the mood of decorating, use it for inspiration for the house of your dreams instead.

Despite what kind of place you’re decorating, expressing your creativity, and paying attention to minor details is the most important thing to do. You must take your time in understanding the basics of beautifying your home from choosing the right materials, to picking the perfect color scheme to match the ambiance you’re trying to produce.

Being handy and practical as they are, pallets may give you a surprise on how it can be great DIY (do-it-yourself) materials for decorating your home. From clocks, tables, signs, and outdoor planters, pallets are an enjoyable and eco-friendly material that also brings pizzazz in your decoration. Here are some pallet rack ideas to spice up your home.

What Is A Pallet?

A Pallet is a structure that supports and keeps goods in place while traveling it from one place to another with the use of a forklift. Organizations started using pallets to have a fast and effortless loading and unloading of items from storage. As the use of pallets becomes more prevalent, there are bound to be thousands discarded every day.

However, imaginative people have created and shared ideas on how to recycle wooden pallets effectively to develop things from regular use to a very functional decoration in your home. There are countless concepts on how you can turn an ordinary pallet into an extraordinary Home Decor, and the sky is the limit with your imagination.

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A Bohemian Back Bar

A Bohemian back bar is a perfect idea to store all the kitchen utilities, ingredients, and seasonings with adding an ambiance of a Bohemian restaurant. Your guest would think that they are in some fancy restaurant, but in fact, they are only in your dining room. It’s as simple as stacking the pallets on top of each other and using the spaces in between for storage.

Decorative Pictures In Your Wall

Using wood pallets as frames for your pictures to be hung up on the wall is a beautiful idea to add an accent in your room decoration. This decoration is exquisite in your bedroom, especially when partnered up with a matching headboard. You could hang the pallets just like a painting with iron or brass hooks on each end.

A Feng Shui Wall Of Garden

The basic idea of Feng Shui is about balance and harmony as its suppose to exhibit in a Feng Shui Garden Wall. Using the pallets to be hanged up against the wall is perfect in drawing attention to your indoor hanging garden. With the ideal balance and harmony of Feng Shui, you and your guest would notice that it is very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

A Wood Pallet Fireplace

The most common materials for making a fireplace are metal or stone, but as technology progresses, people have been using electric fireplaces to warm up their homes. Having a wooden fireplace is a bit excessive; however, it will eventually look incredible once it’s fully built.

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Décor Ideas
source: How To Build A Fireplace Out Of Wood Pallet

Rustic Dining Table

Using recycled wood to make a rustic dining table is a straightforward way of recreating a simple style that brings a distinctive approach to a farmhouse style in your dining area. With the use of recycled pallets makes the work relatively easy and also gives your dining table an extra wow factor. There are tons of ways to create a table, so go and get creative.

Mug Holder Made From A Pallet

A mug holder is as simple as it sounds, and a single wood pallet is enough to make this decoration. All you need to do is to spice up the wooden pallet by adding a coat of paint or varnish and hang it against the wall, and then you will screw in sturdy hooks so that it can hold the mugs in place, thus creating the perfect ornament to hang your mugs in the kitchen.

Scandinavian Platform Bed

Raising a bed with the use of wooden pallets recreates the distinctive Scandinavian atmosphere. This idea adds a little pizzazz in your bedroom, and it also makes you feel more comfortable with the idea that you’re sleeping in a bed that you made with your imagination. There are dozens of tutorials online in making it, so let Google be your manual.

A Headboard For Your Bed

Aside from the idea of a Scandinavian feel for a bedroom, there is also an option in making a simple headboard if you’re not trying to make a platform from your recycled pallets. By using equal lengths of pallets and putting them together side by side, you can make a headboard that is both rustic in design and romantic in feels.

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Décor Ideas
source: Whitewashed Pallet Headboard

Sturdy Sectional Sofa

A sturdy sectional sofa is an ingenious design that costs way less than buying a furniture set for your living room. Stack two rows of pallet racks and place them strategically to create your perfect set for your living room, the rest is only to add foams and pillows that corresponds to the style that you want to go.

Do-It-Yourself Coffee Table

One of the home decorations that are very common for recycling pallets is a simple coffee table. Being a basic decoration doesn’t mean that it is dull and boring, by adding paint or a wood varnish can make it glossy and attractive to the eyes. Something so bland that’s always set aside can be a bright and vibrant decoration that stands out in your living room.

Bedroom Divider

Having a dilemma of having a big room and having not enough things to fill it up? A simple solution is to put up a room divider. There are many benefits of adding a room divider, such as filling up empty spaces and adding privacy to a specific place. However, with the use of pallets, it wouldn’t be just any divider but an attractive decoration that stands out.

A Rack For Your Accumulated Wine

The fantastic thing about pallets is that the recycled ones provide fast and genuine storage to be put up on your wall. The internet is where you can find tons of designs; the most creative use for a recycled pallet rack is to make a glass and wine storage. Put it up in your bar area and have your guests have the feeling of visiting the winery in Napa Valley.

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Décor Ideas
source: Wine Racks Made From Recycled Pallet Wood

Wall-Mounted Beauty Station

A unique glamour station is proof that designing a piece of furniture doesn’t require a vast amount of effort and time to do so. A wall-mounted beauty station is something you could do in your spare time; all you need is a single pallet, some empty bottles, a way to mount the bottles into the pallet, and of course, some light bulbs to brighten up your beauty station.

Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirror

A wall-mounted beauty station is not complete unless you put a vanity mirror at its side. A single pallet could transform into an attractive vanity mirror with little shelves on the side for storage purposes. Some portion of the pallet was cut off to make room for the mirror, and it also has hooks in the furniture for your jewelry to hang.

Washroom Basins From Wood Pallets

You can create washroom basins from pallets by first managing your plumbing system, then build the shelves afterward to prevent future complications with the drainage system. It is a perfect decoration for the washroom as the spaces between the stacks of pallets are an ideal place to store washing supplies and towels.

Storage For Your Dirty Laundry

There are numerous ideas online on how to make storage for your dirty laundry. However, this functional decoration forces you to work a little harder because it requires sanding and reforming pallet woods to create aesthetically beautiful storage for your dirty laundry. What’s stored inside doesn’t matter when what you see on the outside is aesthetically pleasing.

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Décor Ideas
source: Laundry Basket From Pallets

Outdoor Vertical Planter

If you are having trouble adding a little bit of greenery in your garden, but have such a small space? With the use of pallet racks, you can create a vertical planter that can be put anywhere, such as an area indoors, in a corner, near a window or a door. This project is a perfect solution with pallet racks in maximizing your valuable and limited space for an elegant design.

Hanging Wood Garden

Pallets are the perfect material to create a hanging garden as it already looks pleasing to the eyes as it is. With all the materials gathered, all you need to do is find a spot to hang up the pallets and strategically hang the plants to produce a delightful environment for you to go and relax.

A Comfortable Hanging Swing

A hanging swing is an excellent addition to your set of furniture, and placing this on a space in the living room or patio can transform the area into something magical. There are numerous designs on how to do this, so you must be careful as some designs do not meet the expectations when it comes to proper function.

A Rack For Your Shoes

After making a shoe rack from pallets, you would think that pallets were created just for this reason. The gaps in the pallet rack are perfect for holding your footwear without sacrificing a massive space for storing your shoes.

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Décor Ideas
source: Shoe Rack From One Recycled Pallet

Wall-Mounted Coat and Scarf Rack

Simplicity is the new beauty as creativity takes on a wall-mounted scarf and hat rack with the use of a pallet. All you need is a single pallet to hang on the wall and some hooks to screw it into the pallet, which you can buy from almost any hardware store. There isn’t much complication in making this, but the result is impressive when you add colors to the pallet.

Putting It In Your Ceiling

One of the best projects ever done with pallet racks is putting it up in the ceiling of a room. Using pallet racks is an affordable material that gives off a rustic feel as it gives the likely mesmerizing appearance on any given surface. This idea can be used in a bedroom for a more romantic feel or in a living room to recreate a Scandinavian ambiance.

A Pallet Wall

A wall filled with pallets establishes a terrific accent as it brings out the structure and appearance of the room with a cost less than you expected. Although you need lots of pallets to make a wall of it, it would be worth your while in the end with its astonishing results.

Patio Table With An Umbrella Shade

Using pallets to be a piece of furniture in your garden is a terrific way to spice up your outdoors. Buying furniture for your outdoor patio could be costly while not being dependable when it comes to weather changes. However, wooden pallets are an ingenious solution as it can be made easier with a little bit of the cost compared to buying it at the store.

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Décor Ideas
source: Patio Pallet Dining Table Set

Roll Away Daybed

Making a rollaway daybed is a fun and easy project as the pallets used for it is relatively light and easy to find. If you have already seen two single-layered pallet racks, all you need now is to buy rolling wheels in the hardware store. When finished, you can enjoy the rollaway daybed as you move it around in the room to wherever you feel comfortable.

Stained Twin Beds

Twin beds are the perfect furniture to add to your home, especially when you have kids. However, it would take some skill to produce these stained twin beds as it takes a lot of time and careful planning to do so. The perfect approach for this is to make separate pieces of the bed and to assemble it piece by piece to have equally sized twin beds.

Rolling Computer Desk

A simple computer table is made from a single pallet turned upside down; there may be little gaps between the wood, but you can quickly fill it up with epoxy. The empty spaces of the pallet can be used as a storage space, and as for the legs, you can buy from a hardware store some plastic stems that have rollers or not.

Simple Bed Table

Designing your home doesn’t have to be complicated as the little detail on small things count, such as a simple bed table. This pallet furniture is easy to construct that uses only a single pallet that you can find at your local hardware store. However, making a simple bed table doesn’t have to be perfect; all it needs is to be leveled and clean.

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Décor Ideas
source: Scandinavian Bedside Table

Basic Wooden Mat

If it’s about decorating your home, the first thing that your guest notices are the very first thing they see when they arrive at your doorstep, your doormat. Making a wooden mat out pallets is both stylish and functional as the gaps of the pallet can be used to scrape off excess dirt in their shoes to prevent more dirt from getting inside the house.

Outdoor Terrace

Wooden pieces of pallets can be joined together to make a simple flooring for a terrace outdoors. With hard work and dedication, you can construct an outdoor terrace for your family and your guests to enjoy its peaceful ambiance. However, creating this would require a lot of wood, so you better recycle used pallets and repaint it to save money.

Make A Pathway Out Of Pallets

If you have any spare pallets or wooden pieces from making your outdoor terrace, then you should collect those pieces and arrange it on the ground to create a pathway from one place to another. A pathway is a beautiful and functional decoration for your outdoor garden with its simplicity.

A Home For Your Pets

There are a lot of tutorials online in creating a home for your pets; however, you must build it with your pet’s comfort in mind. You don’t want to make something and then see it being neglected because they’re not comfortable in it. As for how to create one, you must always remember to treat your pets like royalty and build a home with that in mind.

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Décor Ideas
source: Pallet Dog House: Build Your Own!

Pallets Used As A Fence

Pallets have many different ways of using it, such as using it as an ordinary pallet fence for your yard or using it as a blockade in the pathway to the rear of the house. But for some people, especially the ones who have pets roaming freely in their backyard, the animals tend to destroy your vegetable garden, so they use pallets to protect the vegetables.

Pallet Deck Cooler

It is a perfect addition to your outdoor furniture if you’re more on entertaining your guests from the outdoors. Making a deck cooler from pallets is worth the effort as you can customize how big does it need to be, or fitting it to your current available cooler to measure the sizes. When you’re done building this, its best to celebrate with a drink from your newly built cooler.

Pallet Chest

If you require additional storage spaces to store your unnecessary things or equipment, the pallet chest is the perfect solution, and it can be placed outdoors or indoors. A pallet chest is an affordable solution as you can decorate it to match any design your outdoor furniture has, such as leaving paint stains or raw wood markings to match your outdoor decor.

Pallet Trash Bin

The final addition to your outdoor pallet furniture is the compost bin as you create storage for all your grass trimmings, garden wastes, and any other trash and food scraps. Creating this trash bin is both comfortable and cheap to make compared to the compost bin prices that you see every day in a mall, besides, it’s also eco-friendly.

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home Pallet Home Décor Ideas
source: Beautifying Pallet Trash Bin Cabinet


The list above on pallet decoration ideas makes it clear that there is absolutely no limit in your imagination to decorating your home. With the neutral atmosphere and rustic feeling that Pallet racks give, it adapts to the ambiance of any scenario such as the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or even outside your home.

It’s a challenge on how you’re going to decorate your home as unique as possible, however, always put in mind that the decorations you’re trying to make in your home must always be from the heart. If it’s not from the heart, then the decoration ideas didn’t come from you, you would always feel that you’re living in your house, but not in your home, there’s a difference.

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