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Must-see Herringbone Pallet Dining Table

  • 4 pallets

  • medium

  • 36h

  • $70

Why pay for laminates and cheap imitations when you can build a mind-blowing Herringbone Pallet Dining Table! I finished this project with epoxy that was done in several layers to fill the low spots. The remainder of the project was finished off using Tung oil.

Knock their socks off with an outstanding Herringbone Pallet Dining Table!

I had some oak and pallet planks that I milled to a standard width and thickness. I cut the planks into 10" pieces, used a 1/4" plank for the base and purchased some sapele wood for the border. That is milled to be 1/8" thicker than the planks. After I arranged the pieces, I glued them down. I sanded with 220 grit to show the grain.

When using alternate products, you have to be patient, as with the epoxy applications on this Dining Table.

Next, the painful and time-consuming part. The epoxy. I had to add multiple layers and work them into low spots. After about four applications and about 1/2 gallon of epoxy, it filled in and leveled out. I sanded the epoxy smooth, started with 80, then 150, 220, 400, 1300 (wet-sand) then buffed. I combined support beams from pallets for the table base. Finally, I finished the remaining wood in the project using Tung oil.

This Pallet Dining Table features a herringbone pattern and african hardwood border.
This project features an utterly gorgeous herringbone pattern featuring wood that has "character" - imperfections, bold, unusual grain patterns and knot holes.
This Dining Table is a timeless beauty and works in rustic to modern settings!
My finished project fits in rustic to modern settings. It is truly a timeless beauty.
I planed the boards for my Dining Table to the same thickness and allowed some of the imperfections to remain, as they would be filled with epoxy later.
I planed the boards to the same thickness but allowed some of the imperfections to remain, as they would be filled with epoxy later.
Turn your Dining Table into an heirloom piece with epoxy to protect the top.
The layers of epoxy were a challenge, but the results speak for themselves. The table top is durable and will last for many meals and gatherings.
Bio: When you turn your passion into a profession, the results truly are a labor of love. I was part of t... read more

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