Must-see Herringbone Pallet Dining Table

By richpeirce

Herringbone always intrigued me. I had some great planks for a countertop project that fell through. I decided to build a table with it.

3 Pallet Bar Features Mod Podge Picture Top

By bobthebuilder

Began with full pallet for front, and cut 2 pallets at same size for sides. Sanded for hours and stained. For the final touch of the main part of the bar, I first put a coat of pre-stain to prepare surface. Then, printed and cut pics, glued using modpage that worked great. once dry, I applied 3 coats of epoxy. Fun to work with but make sure wood is level, and you have plastic under project. Came out really nice. Added colored lights for effect.

Wormhole Pallet Bar With Zebra Butcher Block Top!

By richpeirce

People love entertaining and bars are usually the center of the action. However, what if the celebration moves into another room. The market I sell my pieces at tasked me with making a bar on rollers.

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