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Wormhole Pallet Bar With Zebra Butcher Block Top!

  • 6 pallets

  • hard

  • 40h

  • $250

I used six pallets (some oak with GREAT wormholes), some strips of zebra and ipe wood for the butcher block top, cast iron legs from an old bench, epoxy and a strip of LED lights for my wormhole pallet bar! The bar is 36" wide, 42" tall, and the top tier shelf is 58" tall. The whole bar is on 4" wheels.

The cabinet is 21" tall, and the shelf between the cabinet and bar top is 12". The depth of the bottom cabinet/shelf is 20". The wine racks are movable/stackable and are 12" cubes with open ends.

Upcycle leftover exotic wood and combine it with pallets like this Wormhole Pallet Bar!

I pulled apart the pallets and removed all nails. I milled all of the wood except for the pieces I used for the doors. The wormhole wood was so fragile that I had to fill with epoxy to hold it together. I then planed it and ripped it to the desired thickness. I joined all of the planks with biscuits and assembled using a pine 2x2 inside the frame.

Take the time to finish your project and get results like this Wormhole Pallet Bar.

I used 60, 150, and 220 grit and then the epoxy areas and pallet bar top with 400 grit. Then I buffed the epoxy areas with rubbing compound and a buffer. I started the finish with a coat of teak oil. After that, I mixed some Golden Oak and Jacobean stains with more Teak oil. Then I applied more oil with a rag, wiping off the excess. After curing, I mixed Teak oil and matte poly and wiped it on the top facing surfaces.

Here is the completed Wormhole Pallet Bar.
Here is the completed bar.
I found some oak pallets with a lot of character and wormholes for my Wormhole Pallet Bar.
I found some oak pallets with a lot of character and wormholes.
This Wormhole Pallet Bar is beautiful!
The wormholes add a lot of visual interest to the bar top.
Damage can be beautiful as evidenced in this Wormhole Pallet Bar.
A close-up view of some of the wormholes and damage to the wood.
I used leftover exotic woods for the Wormhole Pallet Bar.
I used leftover zebra and ipe wood for part of the bar.
My Wormhole Pallet Bar features a set of locking casters, doors and shelving for lots of storage.
I added locking casters, a set of doors, and a shelf for lots of storage.
Bio: When you turn your passion into a profession, the results truly are a labor of love. I was part of t... read more

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