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Top 7 Ways You Can Recycle Old Pallets

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When time is tight, and money is tighter, try some of the most frugal ways to decorate your home for comfort and functionality when you Recycle Old Pallets or use upcycled wood. Find free pallets and other upcycled lumber at low to no cost by asking your local hardware stores, craft stores or even, the nearest warehouse. Many warehouses keep extra unused pallets that they might be willing to spare, for free. Now that's a deal!

Wooden Pallet Bookshelf

Add a sanded and stained bookshelf to any room to give it a rustic or country look. This DIY piece is especially essential in home offices. Get extra space to display your valued figurines while keeping writing supplies and work-related materials within reach. Wood stains are available in various tones so you can match your home decor perfectly.

Use the end sections or break pallets apart and use them traditionally. No matter how you use pallets, the furniture you create gives you pride and functional furniture!

Recycle Old Pallets into unique bookcases for any room of the house.

Children's Hanging Bookcase

Encourage your children to read while teaching organization and independence. Build these DIY hanging bookcases with old pallets that are pulled apart, sanded and stained or painted, then nailed using a nail gun or a traditional hammer and nails. Secure each bookcase to the wall at a level where the child can easily choose the book they want and replace it independently when finished. The wooden pallets typically last much longer than those made of plastic. These easy shelving ideas aren't only spectacular for kid's rooms. Use these ideas in your hobby room, office, workspace, garage and more!

Recycle Old Pallets into handy hanging shelving units for any room of the home.

DIY Outdoor Furniture to Better To Save You Money and Impress Guests

Did you know that you can custom make outdoor furniture for a quarter of the price of retail furniture? Make anything from a simple porch bench or build a swing using some additional hardware and metal frame. Assemble chairs with vibrant, stylish cushions using fabric from your nearest fabric outlet store with pallet tables to hold your snacks. Even Recycle Old Pallets into padded outdoor home theater seating. Now, this is the life! Pallets can add comfort and style to your garden, backyard, and are perfect for any party decor!

Relax to the max when you Recycle Old Pallets into outdoor lounges, sofas, home theater seating and more.

Kids' Furniture to Make Playing and Learning Fun

Have young children who need a place to study? Pull apart an unused pallet, cut the pieces to the appropriate sizes and paint then use wood glue followed by a nail gun to build vibrant chairs for a fun and kid-friendly seating area. Build a child-sized table with storage to make any playroom a great place to play and learn. Make learning fun with pleasant workspaces for your kids. Recycle Old Pallets & build a pallet desk or work table today!

Another amazing way to Recycle Old Pallets is to use them for kid's desks. Don't forget about adult's desks, too!

Rustic Kitchen Table That's As Attractive As It Is Strong

A magnificent showpiece for your dining room, a DIY wooden pallet kitchen table can be stained or painted and used with chairs or make a couple of matching benches to complete the rustic look. Recycle Old Pallets and make an heirloom piece for the family. Invest in a quality table saw for this project and other wooden pallet furniture DIY adventures. Those store-bought tables aren't looking so fancy compared to some of these pallet tables!

Skip the store-bought junk and Recycle Old Pallets into outstanding pallet dining tables.

DIY Bunk Bed Frame and So Much More

Turn your kids' room into a land of adventure with ideas for kids' furniture that spell big fun for the children and will impress their friends, and yours. Don't forget that these custom made pieces need to be constructed using the proper tools for the job as well as the appropriate nails, screws, and fasteners. Bunk beds combined with play areas make the best use of small spaces while making a kid's room an adventure!

When you Recycle Old Pallets into bunk beds and kid's cabins, you'll guarantee hours of fun for your young ones!

Storage Ideas For Any Room In Your House that you can make when you Recycle Old Pallets!

Whether you would like more storage in the kitchen to organize cookware, store vegetables or keep your favorite cookbooks within reach or a multi-function side table for the living room, check out some of the creative ideas our crafters have made! Consider the tools you will need for most of these projects, like a drill, table saw, and hand sander, an investment for these projects and more to come. Depending on which furniture piece you want to tackle first, you may need a few additional pieces of hardware like small wheels and metal handles or knobs. We've got solutions for all your stuff, from the bedroom to the garden. Check out hundreds of brilliant storage solutions using old pallets!

Recycle Old Pallets into storage solutions for any room of the house and outdoor spaces.

Show 'em how you feel and get them a bag of Pee Wees!

Find old pallets & save $$ by making functional, attractive furniture pieces for your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Check out 7 terrific upcycling ideas for your home! Plus, we\'ve got over 4,000 ideas for your home. #palletbench #pallettable #storageideas #diypalletfurniture #palletdesks

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