Pallet FurniturePallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & StoolsDiy: Pallet Storage Bench Has Two Compartments

Diy: Pallet Storage Bench Has Two Compartments

  • 7 pallets

  • medium

  • 60h

  • $17

This is a two-compartment locking Pallet Storage Bench. This storage bench has an approximate 70/30 split and was made ENTIRELY from used pallets. We made this pallet bench after packages were stolen from our front porch. I didn’t want to pay for an ugly, plastic locking box that wouldn’t compliment our 1928 California Bungalow.

Don’t worry about perfection – jump in and build your own Locking Pallet Storage Bench in any style you want!

Yes, it’s far from perfect, but I’m a nurse, and have never done pallet projects until this summer, and am learning!

We paid $17.00 for the stainless steel screws used on the front areas! No, that’s not a typo! We found two pallets that were obviously nicer. We think they’re red maple – but I’ve yet to identify the wood 100%. I used those unidentified, beautiful deck boards when I felt inspired by one pallet stringer board. It had a large amount of live edge still intact. It had bark and tree limbs obviously still intact instead of just a couple of knotholes. We loved it! The old bark even had those wormholes still evident.

What if you don’t have all the cool tools? Psh – you work around it and get that bench (or any other project) built!

So… without a planer or any fancy tools other than a 10″ miter saw, a table saw, orbital palm sander, along with an impact & screwdriver set I bought myself recently (Makita LXTs that are lighter for a woman’s hand/wrist) I created this. This bench is primarily a pine frame with oak faces, and a couple of other random types that I can’t identify but could tell were different by the smell and texture as I sanded. I stained it with a leftover light cherry stain from our oak floors and sealed it with leftover urethane we had from remodeling our house as well.

Find any motivation that works for you. I went with a Craftsman approach to make my bench.

I made a point of using the forklift supports for the armrest handles and on the bottom/sides of the bench. Additionally, I purposely chose imperfect boards. I liked the knotholes, odd textures or unusual edges. The whole point of a craftsman-style home is to let the natural beauty of the wood shine, and too-perfect isn’t beautiful to me. The most difficult part is that I DON’T have prior construction knowledge. I don’t have all the cool tools. I don’t have a real stable area indoors to build, so I’m at the mercy of the elements. However, it’s good enough, and I like its rustic charm. My neighbor offered me 400.00 to buy it, so it must not be too terrible! That was a terrific ego boost and is encouraging me to learn more and to keep having fun with pallets.

Now for a few pictures:

Diy: Pallet Storage Bench Has Two Compartments Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
I applied five coats of an outdoor, UV-resistant polyurethane after staining the bench with a light cherry color. I sanded between each coat.
Diy: Pallet Storage Bench Has Two Compartments Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
The live edge pine board was the final piece to inspire me. The red maple (possibly?) pallet gave me those beautiful vertical pieces on the headrest, seat, and front kick panel area.
Diy: Pallet Storage Bench Has Two Compartments Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
I sized this bench to accommodate a large Amazon package and a small Amazon package respectfully. It can hold a 40-lb bag of dog food delivered, along with a few smaller packages on the small side.
Diy: Pallet Storage Bench Has Two Compartments Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
The bench was complete, and ready for stain. I left the inner compartments raw.
Diy: Pallet Storage Bench Has Two Compartments Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
My bench is ready for stain.

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Wow! We just moved into our first home and this is a must have for our house. I think I’m gonna cut my woodworking teeth on this. I only have a hand saw. Any tips for a first timer?

gina price
gina price

Heather, GREAT JOB!! I to have NO experience in carpentry & am just about to start trying my hand at some pallet pieces. I lucked out & found that my Landlord that I rent my Furniture & Home Goods thrift store from has to pay to dispose of their pallets that their industrial merchandise is shipped on. When I asked if I could have them, they were thrilled as this will save them $$– I now have an endless supply of free pallets :) Seeing what you have done here with this awesome bench has given me inspiration & encouragement… Read more »

Gina Price
Gina Price

Thanks Heather!

Mike Winn

How much?

Lochiel Cameron

Toni Robertson make this

Heather Stiletto

WOW – I built this almost 2 years ago and it go reposted? Cool. :-D

Olivier Sabouret


Melanie Guevara

Jeffrey jeffy looky looky lol

Nellie Smith

I love pallets!!


Great job on this project Heather!
I’m just now getting into building stuff with pallet wood also. I like some of the details you incorporated into your bench. I will surely use some of them for my design. I was actually considering building a storage bench also and yours is probably one of the best I have seen so far.

Keep up the great work.


Alicia Pezdirc
Alicia Pezdirc

This is great and I have a garden space I would love to put it in! Would love instructions, video, or blueprint as well!


Great job, would like more pics or blue print so I can make this.. have space on my patio.

Heather Stiletto
Reply to  Gilbert

I’ll snap a bunch of pictures detailing the structure inside-and-out. I can guarantee you that you’ll probably shake your head, saying, “Why did she do that?” – as this is a learning curve for me and I’ve never done woodworking before starting mid-summer 2014. As I was building, I’d have those moments where I’d realize that I should’ve done this, or NOT done that… but maybe that’ll benefit you as well to avoid adding unnecessary weight or having to double-up support because you didn’t plan well enough (like I did, haha!). Thank you VERY much for your interest! You all… Read more »


Do you have a blueprint or video you can send of the steps to make this

Heather Stiletto
Reply to  Joe

Hi, Joe, Sorry -there isn’t a blueprint. I’m not a pro, and really just looked at other pictures on the ‘net, then looked at the various sizes of pallet wood in my stacks, and then the only significant measurement was to ensure it wasn’t too wide for my porch. I never made any video of it, as it took me weeks off-and-on to build. I probably did some things backwards, and some were strictly for aesthetics. I built the main box, and used measurements from various chairs and benches at a local store and came up with an average seat… Read more »

Luz de los Milagros
Luz de los Milagros

Morena Reyes, aquí varias cositas interesantes.

Morena Reyes

De lujo! gracias! :D

Michael Conner
Michael Conner


Jdavi Martin

J m beaucoup le côté bois brut que ta garder avc le morceaux ecorsse

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