Pallet Desk / Escritorio De Pallets

By Neokentin

I made my pallet desk using pallets and wood from pine boxes. I painted the frame, and the top I finished with clear varnish. This project saves you money, and you’ll have […]

Two-tier Pallet Dog Hammock

By HeatherStiletto

Save money and trees – skip those expensive pet beds that fall apart quickly and build your own Two-Tier Pallet Dog Hammock. A hammock will reduce the pressure on older joints and making it different heights adjusts for your dog’s needs.

Pallet Cornhole Game Board (2nd of a Pair)

By HeatherStiletto

A game board doesn’t have to be ordinary – use different pallet woods to make it unique and extraordinary! This Cornhole Game Board is the 2nd of a pair built out of various tones of pallet woods to “color” the board tops naturally. Wood types including oak, pine, redwood, poplar, ash, and more.

Cornhole Game Board (1st of a Pair) out of Pallet Wood

By HeatherStiletto

A friend asked me to build her a game board. Silly me, I agreed, not knowing that there is a Cornhole Game Association, and there are all kinds of specifications, AND that a pair of the boards is needed. The other part was that I didn’t want it to cost my friends anything. I also wanted to incorporate some sentimental reclaimed wood from their aunt’s house, and was able to figure out a way!

Screen Door out of Pallets

By HeatherStiletto

Do you have smarter-than-average cats? I do too. They cracked the secret of the electronic dog door and started escaping out into the back yard. So, I had to restrict the dog’s movements, built a cat-patio to distract the kitties, & built a screen door out of pallets so that when we’re not at home, the cats are restricted from the dog door, but the dogs could come in to escape the elements and remain warm or cool.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure – Cattio

By HeatherStiletto

An outdoor cat lives an average of 1.5 years. An indoor cat lives an average of 17 years. However, sometimes you manage to adopt an “escape artist”. My compromise is to build a place for them to go outdoors SAFELY (and a perfect place to put the cat box too)! This is a two-story cat enclosure that we’ve started calling their “cattio.”


Pallet Lamp

By HeatherStiletto

A diminutive lamp made from pallet wood and an Ikea lamp kit.

Pallet Earrings

By HeatherStiletto

I saw some wooden earrings on Pinterest and thought I’d try my hand at making custom jewelry.

Pecan Coasters & Pallet Coaster Holders

By HeatherStiletto

Ever have a random branch fall in your yard? Instead of cutting them up for firewood or whatever, why not turn them into some interesting coasters for yourself or as a gift?

Can You Believe a Laptop Briefcase Can Be Made Out of Pallets ?

By HeatherStiletto

This is a laptop briefcase from scraps of pallet wood left over from other projects. Its composed of pine, oak, pecan, birch, and almost 100-yr-old redwood!

Pallet Wood As An Inlay

By HeatherStiletto

An inlay in a damaged 100+-year-old treadle top using scrap pieces of pallet wood from other projects.


Craft Paint Pallet Rack or Pallet Caddy

By HeatherStiletto

This is not an original idea. I wish! I saw similar ideas here, and since I had scrap wood leftover from other pallet projects, as well as some of those […]

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