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I made my pallet desk using pallets and wood from pine boxes. I painted the frame, and the top I finished with clear varnish. This project saves you money, and you'll have a better desk than those flimsy pressed board desks at the box stores.

Make a Pallet Desk for your home or office and save money!

Cut list:

  • Eight pallet deck boards for the legs, 80 cm long x 9.5 cm wide x 2 cm thick.
  • Four boards 53.5 cm long x 9.5 cm wide x 2 cm thick - support table tables.
  • Front leg moorings three boards 125 cm long 10 cm wide 2 cm thick.
  • Four long boards cut to 124 cm long x 13.5 cm wide x 2 cm thick.
  • One long central board 124 cm long x 9 cm wide x  2 cm thick.
  • Two long sides of the table closing 65 cm long x 4 cm wide x 2 cm thick.
  • Paper measures two strips 80 cm long, x 4 cm wide x 2cm thick.
  • Two strips 52.5 cm long x 4 cm wide x 2 cm thick.
  • Four strips 38 cm long x 4 cm wide x2 cm thick
  • Assemble using 1 1/2" wood screws
  • Desktop finish: vinyl gray pearl and a clear varnish layer, sealer table & clear varnish jig,
  • Tools: star screwdriver, sander, square and meter

Build a Pallet Desk for your kid's college dorm room, bedroom, your office and more!

Se uso madera de pallets y madera recuperada de cajones de pino, medidas patas 8 tablas largo 80 cms ancho 9.5 cms grueso 2 cms, 4 tablas largo 53.5 cms ancho 9.5 cms grueso 2 cms, medidas soporte tablas mesa y amarre de patas frontal 3 tablas largo 125 cms ancho 10 cms grueso 2 cms, medidas mesa 4 tablas largo 124 cms ancho 13.5 cms grueso 2 cms, 1 tabla central largo 124 cms ancho 9 cms grueso 2 cms, 2 laterales cierre mesa largo 65 cms ancho 4 cms grueso 2 cms, medidas papelera 2 listones largo 80 cms ancho 4 cms grueso 2 cms, 2 listones largo 52.5 cms ancho 4 cms grueso 2 cms, 4 listones largo 38 cms ancho 4 cms grueso 2 cms. Ensamble tornillo para madera de 1 1/2" acabado base escritorio vinilo gris perla y una capa de barniz transparente, mesa sellador y barniz transparente herramientas caladora, destornillador estrella, lijadora, escuadra y metro.

Two-tone Pallet Desk.
The finished project looks great. The contrast of the clear varnished wood and the painted frame makes the piece unique for home or office.
Side view of the pallet desk.
Side view of the project.
here's the Pallet Desk before we applied varnish and paint.
Here's the desk before we applied varnish and paint.
The frame of the Pallet Desk before I applied the top.
The frame before I applied the top.
Build a custom Pallet Desk for your home or office space! Add storage shelves, paint it, or just leave parts natural. It\'s all up to you! #diypalletdesk #palletdesk #diypalletprojects

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Luis Eduardo Tinjaca Lozano

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supre travail se beau bureau.en bois de palette j”aime.

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