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35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets

You bought a brand new TV or home cinema system and you just realize that you have nowhere to install it. You can solve that problem by building a customized pallet wood TV stand & rack or even a complete rustic entertainment center.

Build a modern and sleek, rustic or vintage wood TV stand out of upcycled wood pallets. You can also combine both styles to make something unique. To help you find inspiration, discover 35+ beautiful wooden TV stands & racks made from repurposed wood pallets made by our Crafters!

Are you ready? Let's start!

Not a pallet TV stand in the real term but a TV wall holder made from two white painted pallets, original, simple and with a nice white finish!

An original design wood TV stand with wheels and plenty of rooms for accessories. Convenient for storage, design and very economical!

This one is an interesting Ikea hack. The base is a sad white Ikea's Expedit cabinet hacked with upcycled wood pallets. I've suspended it, drilled in different points to hide wires and with added a colored IKEA's led stripe to get an even cooler look! Now you have a beautiful Ikea hacked wood TV stand!

This is a simple pallet homemade TV stand built using 3 wood pallets and 2 fruit boxes that function as the drawers.

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
source: Pallet Table As A TV Stand

 This is one of the most original pallet stands we've seen at 1001Pallets, a kind of a mix between rustic & design! the finish was done with satin clear coat and a waxed satin Wenge of Zaire. The handles are made of brass lamp holders.

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
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My wife asked me if I could build a solid wood TV stand after we moved into our current home. To build it, I've purchased the lumber for the "box" part of the piece. All the braces, shelves, feet, and doors are made from 100% recycled pallet lumber.

Yes, you can even build a complete pallet TV stand from one single wood pallet! Check out this wood TV stand with a compartment for storing your LP records!

Another wall TV mount from recycled wood pallets. The size is 4m x 1,40m and with integrated lights!

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks

Another interesting idea of a homemade wall TV stand from pallets.

Inspired by the old Buck Rogers TV show, this table or solid wood TV stand (multi-usage) with an inner loop deck clear all the way through. It's all made from recycled wooden pallets!

This solid wood TV stand was made with 4 upcycled wood pallets. They were dismantled to change the measures and add a compartment to store my vinyl records.

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
source: 4 Wooden Pallets Into TV Stand

Plasma unit or TV rack made using wood pallet planks and white painted.

This original wooden TV stand was custom made by Hewel Mobilier. The French company has first retrieved an old metal factory cloakroom. Then, they completely stripped the structure before applying the "gun barrel" finish on the outside and black finish inside. To make the plates, recycled pallet timber has been used. It was cut, planed and sanded before receiving a clear finish tint.

Another pallet TV stand inspired by the old Buck Rogers TV show. This TV cabinet was then lacquered and finished with velvet.

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
source: TV Cabinet/Rack From Recycled Pallet

This solid wood TV stand is a little different from the others as it was made from half a cable drum and some pallet wood.

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
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This wooden TV stand was made out of 3 repurposed EPAL pallets and fitted with three drawers. The three pallets used are not fixed together to allow to move it easily. The weight of each stage provides an excellent stability for this wood TV stand. Wheels are attached under the unit to move it more quickly and avoid damaging the floor.

This is a modular pallet TV stand, easy, practice & nice!

This pallet TV rack is interesting as it has a secret compartment, don't ask where is the secret compartment as it's a secret! :) You can check on the source, you'll find a video in the article that shows you how to build this pallet wood TV stand and where is the famous secret compartment.

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
source: TV Stand From Pallets With Secret Compartment

This entertainment center is made out of 3 recycled wood pallets. It's a practical wooden TV stand, with a nice patinated finish and plenty of place for your different accessories.

This one is a very long wood TV stand of 4 meters with very simple and contemporary form. The practical side was not skimp because drawers will be installed. To add storage, a wall cabinet with a door was chosen to stay in a cubical and contemporary spirit.

I bought a hi-fi system and I wanted to place it in the room in a nice way, so I made this complete rustic entertainment center with stands for my speakers out of wood pallets.

This one is a really simple wood TV stand made out of two repurposed wood pallets.

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
source: TV Stand Out Of 2 Pallets

This false chimney media center was made to replace a free-standing low boy unit. The chimney was built with framing timber with MDF used to make the shelves for the receiver etc. to sit on. The pallets are attached with finishing nails starting around the shelving as that is where your eye is drawn to when sitting in front. One side has shelving for blue rays, and CDs while down the left side is a concealed door so you can get in behind it to connect everything up.

This is maybe the most simple and fastest pallet TV stand you can build! It's simply one pallet painted in yellow with a holder you have to buy. Working time: 1 hour and you have your homemade TV stand.

A rustic wood TV stand made from 5 upcycled wood pallets. Stained, painted and distressed.

Another great idea with this rustic pallet entertainment center wall. It has a place to store the A/V equipment on the bottom in form of a box with shelves. A small set of free-standing shelves were installed on the wall to add some decorations. Beautiful idea!

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
source: Pallet Entertainment Center Wall

Another interesting idea with this complete pallet and log rustic entertainment center. Sean built it in his basement to go along with a pallet wall, a fireplace mantle and barn-style doors that he also made from pallets.

Remember those fine wine times with this functional and stylish wine crate storage TV stand! We love the mix of pallet wood and old wine crates, a beautiful piece of design for a living room.

We needed a place to hold all of our A/V equipment but didn't want to spend a lot of money - or time. So, we made this easy tallboy pallet rustic entertainment center out of five wood pallets.

To build this original & mobile whitewashed wooden TV stand, we use three EPAL wood pallets. We whitewashed the stand with a mix of one can of paint and one can of water, you can choose your favorite color. Then we let it air dry and gently sanded the edges to create a worn feeling.

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
source: Whitewashed Mobile Pallet TV Stand Has Drawers Too!

This pallet wood TV cabinet could double as a sideboard or buffet too! This pallet TV cabinet measures 45cm tall by 45cm wide, by 1.64m long. It has a large shelf in the middle and three equal drawers.

Upcycle an old locker or other metal cabinet and turn it into a beautiful industrial pallet locker TV stand. Upcycling never looked so good!

This wood burned pallet TV stand features oil-rubbed bronze hardware and four cabinet doors, as well as a decorative trim along the top rail, it can easily support a 65" TV and add much-needed storage space for all your audio-visual equipment and gaming supplies.

Don't buy cheap pressboard furniture, save those hard-earned $$ and make a two-door pallet TV stand for your home! With TVs getting bigger, sometimes a wall mount isn't practical. This terrific two-door wooden TV stand is sturdy for years of use while adding hand-crafted beauty to your home!

35 Amazing Tv Stands & Cabinets Made Out Of Wood Pallets Pallet TV Stands & Racks
source: Superb Pallet Two-Door TV Stand/Meuble

With TVs getting bigger and bigger, you need a sturdy and attractive pallet corner TV stand! Watch the time-lapse video to see how to build this project (available in the source)!

To finish with something even bigger than a wood TV stand but still in the purpose of A/V entertainment, check out this ultimate man cave, woman cave, or family cave with this awesome pallet Home Theater! Made with 14 wood pallets, other materials and a lot of skills!

That's all folks! You now have seen 35 awesome wood pallet TV stand to inspire you for your next pallet project!

If you need more inspiration, feel free to browse our categories dedicated to pallet TV stands & racks, we have hundreds of ideas & projects for you!

Have you already made a cool wooden TV stand, cabinet, rack or entertainment center out of pallets? Please share it with us, and we will publish it!

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Enjoy & Happy Palleting!



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