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Easy Tallboy Pallet Entertainment Center

  • 5 pallets

  • medium

  • 2h

  • free

We needed a place to hold all of our A/V equipment but didn’t want to spend a lot of money – or time. So, I made this easy Tallboy Pallet Entertainment Center out of five pallets. I had this idea and just started fitting it together. In about 2 hours I had this put together. The bottom slides out for cleaning and its just standard pallets put together.

My Tallboy Pallet Entertainment Center:

First, I cut two pallets in half across their width, leaving the stringers intact. I used two of the halves for the vertical legs, and the third piece became the top shelf of the entertainment center. Then I added more deck boards across the center stringers to create shelving to hold various knick-knacks and display items. Finally, I built the small box/table that sits in front. It can be used as a table, or even seating if the family wants to play video games or something. It’s handy, and it was easy to make, as well as saved us a lot of money.

Easy Tallboy Pallet Entertainment Center Pallet TV Stands & Racks

For even more inspiration, check out this Pallet Entertainment Center!

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Kyra Klee

Billy Gießen David Toalster ⚔

Billy Gießen
Reply to  Kyra Klee

Nice, aber Whisky & Äppler fehlen… ?

Kyra Klee
Reply to  Kyra Klee

Das wäre dann deine persönliche Note ?

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