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by Wotan

Pallet Entertainment Center Wall / Meuble Tv En Palette

  • 3 pallets

  • easy

  • 4h

  • $20

This beautiful Pallet Entertainment Center Wall was a fast and easy project. I built this in four hours and loved the final color in my living room.

Here’s how I built my Pallet Entertainment Center Wall:

First, I found several pallets and dismantled them. I used the pallet stringers to give the wall frame rigidity and stability. Then I mounted the frame to the studs in the wall. Next, I mounted the boards on the stringer frame, staggering the boards somewhat. Then I a few down a bit shorter for visual appeal. I drilled holes in the wall for the cords/cables for the A/V equipment.

I needed shelves and display areas, as well as a place to store the A/V equipment. So I built a box, installed some shelves, and then made a small set of free-standing shelves.

This Pallet Entertainment Center Wall was finished as follows:

After I had sanded the boards to remove the splinters and rough edges, I applied a weathered-gray Luberon stain. When that dried, I gently rubbed the boards with a black paint-soaked cloth. I quickly wiped away the excess to highlight just the reliefs.  I’m very happy with the look and the functionality of this Pallet Entertainment Center Wall, and I hope this gives you some fun ideas!

J’ai récupéré de long palette que j’ai démonté, recoupé en longueur différentes. J’ai aussi récupéré les chevrons pour faire le cadre arrière et donner la rigidité du mur de palettes.
J’ai vissé les lattes sur les chevrons, fabriqué des caissons pour présenter de la deco et le matériel hifi rt vidéo. J’ai aussi percé des trous à la scie cloche dans le fond des caisson et derrière la tv pour passer les câbles en non visible. J’ai ensuite brossé et passé les lames au Lubéron gris et accentué les reliefs avec un chiffon imbibé de peinture noire frotté sur les reliefs délicatement.

Pallet Entertainment Center Wall / Meuble Tv En Palette Pallet TV Stands & Racks
Pallet Entertainment Center Wall / Meuble Tv En Palette Pallet TV Stands & Racks
Pallet Entertainment Center Wall / Meuble Tv En Palette Pallet TV Stands & Racks

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Really love this TV stand! Great work!


Hello, I fixed the support tv to the reinforcements which give the rigidity of the wall wood and which are behind.

j’ai fixé le support tv sur les chevrons de renfort derrière qui maintient le mur de planches.

Andre Damrill
Andre Damrill

So you did not use a TV mount for the TV or you did? That is what I can’t figure out, how do you support the weight of the TV? Thanks in advance

Andre Damrill
Andre Damrill

I really would love to do this one. I have been trying to figure it out

Reply to  Andre Damrill

Hi Andre, Heather the admin. assistant here. In the description of this project, they indicate that they basically built a frame (like if you were creating a wall for a room). They most likely used a TV mount and attached it to that frame, but they didn’t list it specifically. Then they covered the whole frame with deck boards, staggering the joints and tones to their liking. Then the whole frame was mounted to the room wall – mounting it to the wall studs – after they drilled holes for wiring. Hope this helps a bit! Happy Palleting!

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