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25 Wonderfully Wacky, Weird Wood Upcycling Ideas

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Some people have the ability to look at a problem and think wildly out of the box to fix it. The rest of us, meanwhile, are just staring in wonder. Here are 25 creative, wacky, weird wood ideas for you to enjoy - and maybe inspire your own "McGyver Moment." Please be assured that we are using the term "weird" in the most affectionate and awestruck way we possibly can! Call it what you want: White Trash Repairs, Redneck Engineering, or just the "There, I fixed it," attitude. We think of it as creative use of materials at hand to accomplish a task! By the way, there were some pictures that we couldn't find the source. If you know, please let us know, and we'll happily update and credit the author.

Brace yourselves: We're entering the world of unique DIY Engineering with these Weird Wood Ideas!

Give your car the aerodynamics it needs to beat the rush hour traffic with this Pallet Spoiler! If one spoiler is right, then three spoilers must be amazing! Pallets to the rescue! Do we wonder if they saw an increase in mileage?

Nothing says Weird Wood uses like stacking pallets on your trunk as makeshift spoilers. It is much more effective if you apply a third on the roof of the car, though.

Trust me. I'm an Engineer. No street cone should go to waste. You have to admit, it is a creative, if weird, fix or conversion of a "European" toilet for someone used to use a sit-down toilet situation.

Not everyone was raised to use stand-up toilets. Someone made a Weird Wood project by using a traffic cone as a connecting pipe from a makeshift seat of upcycled wood to the opening in a "European" toilet where you stand and squat.

No bottle opener? Shooey, we can fix that! People make fun of "Redneck Engineering," and although some ideas are a "fail," many are weirdly talented, as this ingenious piece of scrap wood creativity!

This is certainly not a Weird Wood creation - it is GENIUS! Now be the life of the party or the camping trip when someone forgets to bring the bottle opener.

Remember - we didn't name the picture... we just admired the Weird Wood handiwork, and it IS functional. The base is probably upcycled wood, and if the birds enjoy the birdseed, then it is useful. We will make the assumption that it was not a used, dirty plunger. *crossing fingers*

Note the successful use of a pallet as a camping shed porch. Be sure to knock the mud off of your shoes before entering.

Build a camper on top of your car with pallets as the base and a pallet on the trunk as a porch. Definitely a Weird Wood creation!

Don't knock it 'till you try it! You can't deny that this creatively weird wood rocking chair made you all pause.

Clever. Sure beats having no mirror!

Use of a scrap of wood and a metal lid becomes a Weird Wood side mirror for your car!

Another version of a weird but useful weird wood bottle opener, and upcycles scraps you have in your shed right now. Weird, but brilliant! You could be the hero of a party or camping trip with your improvisation skills!

This Weird Wood creation is nothing but a scrap of wood with a nut and bolt threaded loosely and used as a bottle opener.

When bad things happen, remember there's always a Weird Wood workaround! We can't confirm the wood type or source on this bumper conversion, but we're pretty sure it was upcycled. :) If your car has airbag sensors, be sure to be careful. This is probably not D.O.T. approved, either.

Nothing better than a Weird Wood bumper for your car.

The next one... well... We are not sure if the pallets are structural or if they are part of the belongings being transported. We wouldn't want to be behind this vehicle on the highway.

A car piled high with Weird Wood structures, including pallets stacked everywhere.

Wow. Just ... WOW! *adding to my holiday Weird Wood Project Ideas wishlist now* I don’t care what anyone says. I want one! That’s a pair of kickass weird treehouses!

Nothing weirder than two tall treehouses. Weird Wood skills = unlocked!

Don't try this at home, people. Just don't. This is beyond Weird Wood ideas and into Yikes land! When your water heater breaks, you have to warm the water somehow, right? PLEASE do not try this at home. That many plugs into one extension do not seem safe. Just heat your cup of water with one as intended, please.

A Weird Wood - and dangerous wood creation is to use a scrap piece across a bathtub and then hang a few water heater elements into it, overloading the plug.

This could be convenient! For those times when you gotta go while on the go. ;)

A Weird Wood creation of a tri-wheeled scooter with a small shed and toilet built over the seat area.

Hey, the gravel needs to be smoothed out on your driveway somehow, right? This is actually pretty clever. A homemade drag chain.

If you don't have a grader, a formal drag chain or other implements, create one! Grab some fencing, slap a pallet down, and skip those hard-to-handle cinder blocks, bricks, or sandbags. Just put your kids to work as the weight. Is it safe? That's up to you. It's weird wood creation that's fun to ride. Your administrative assistant and her husband both were drag chain weights as kids, but that may explain some things... :)

Weird Wood ideas include putting your kids to work as anchors on a pallet drag chain to smooth your driveway.

Go skateboarding on railroad tracks!

When you need a truck but can't afford one, you make one. Very creative. Very weird. We want to know if it was because of an accident or just because of need. The world may never know.

Replace the rear end of your car with a homemade Weird Wood Trunk that's a mini-trailer.

Need a snowplow? Here is a Weird Wood solution! Clever! Not everyone has a neighbor with a tractor or a plow on the front of their truck. Necessity was indeed the mother of invention in this useful combination of a pallet and a 4-wheeled offroad vehicle.

This is an ingenious use of existing racks on your car plus some pallet wood. Build a little clamp with nuts/bolts, and now luggage won't slide on the roof of your car and scratch the paint. Plus, you'll have an easier time tying your items down!

A Weird Wood idea that's actually brilliant is to use a pallet on top of your car racks so you can strap items down safely.

A pallet car wash machine? Have the kids clean their own ride-on toys, or rename it for a home DOG WASHING STATION! Or, when the kids play in the mud, have a KID WASHING STATION! :)

Make a Weird Wood dog-washing, kid-washing, or kid's ride-upon toy washing station!

Have bumper problems? Fix them with a Weird Wood idea! Seems logical to us. Just be careful of the airbags/sensors. So... don't try this at home, kids. Was this on purpose? It does improve the look of a Prius... HAHA just kidding, Prius owners!

Improve the look of the end of a Prius by adding a Weird Wood bumper.

Does a bear s**t in the woods? You'll be able to find out while you do your own thing. We're not sure about the chalk paint - perhaps there is a sign somewhere?

Does a bear s**t in the woods? With this Weird Wood toilet seat, you'll be able to find out.

Seen in Russia: Using stacks of pallets to support a damaged roof. Remember: do not try this at home, people.

Get your Weird Wood Aerodynamics race on! Hmm. It is missing something. Where is the "GTX" on the side? Otherwise... that's some handiwork!

More Weird Wood pallet foils/fairings on boy-racer cars.

A very smart idea for a drag plow to remove snow. Add weight as required, and if something breaks, grab another pallet for repairs!

Turn an old pallet and scraps into a Weird Wood drag plow for snow removal. Clever!
Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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