25 Wonderfully Wacky, Weird Wood Upcycling Ideas

By HeatherStiletto

Some people have the ability to look at a problem and think wildly out of the box to fix it. The rest of us, meanwhile, are just staring in wonder. […]


Big Pallet Organization Rack For Scrap Wood

By Woodcycle

Everybody could use storage space in the form of free wood :) you can make it as big or small as you want…


Pallet Fruit Rack

By Neokentin

An attractive way to store your fruits and produce! I made this easy pallet fruit rack in four hours. I built this piece with the idea of selling it. How I built this […]


Amarhylde – Racking System Made from Recycled Pallets

By Neokentin

Shelves made of used pallet planks. Based on the classic Amarhylde shelf, Genbyg designer came up with a pared down form that provides a super dynamic pallet racking system for a modern […]


3 Steps Pallet Planter

By Neokentin

So here is my first pallet project for my garden. A simple 3 step planter. It’s made of 1 pallet and a lot of elbow grease.


Pallet Dvd Wall Rack

By Neokentin

So my girlfriend finally went back to collect all belongings, and she brought back over 400 DVDs. I had to think of something. But I am hooked to pallet building […]

Coat, Clothing, Motorcycle Gear Rack

By HeatherStiletto

Have a lot of gear – be it winter coats and scarves, or maybe a lot of motorcycle gear, including helmets, different jackets, liners, gloves, and boots? Does your coat rack fall short or fall over? How about an adjustable rack with multiple hanging spots that you can customize to your needs?


Pallet Skateboard Decks Rack

By agnes129

Rack for skateboard decks made from one recycled pallet.

Bike Racks: 16 Ways of Building Your Own Pallet Bike Rack

By Neokentin

Bike storage can be challenging. They usually end up in a sloppy pile in the corner of your garage. Not anymore! Check out these 16 ways of reusing old wooden […]

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