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Decorative Pallet Cigarette Butts Dispenser

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I made this decorative Pallet Cigarette Butts Dispenser as an easy way to control the waste that can happen when smoking. I used a clay flower pot for this project, and scrap pallet wood for the sign.

This easy project can upcycle everything! Make this Decorative Pallet Cigarette Butts Dispenser to keep your outdoor areas neat!

First, I painted the pot a cheery color using leftover paint. I actually made several of these with different types of pots, but basically, some that were empty around the house. I cut and painted a scrap piece of pallet wood, left over from another project. Next, I asked a friend who has good handwriting to write the letters. Then I followed up with outlining them with black paint. I used an outdoor UV-resistant clear sealant after the paint dried. I found a scrap piece of galvanized pipe, cut it to length and attached it to the sign. Then I put some rocks and leftover bricks up to 2-3 inches from the top of the rim, then filled it with some ready mix. I filled the pot with water and then let it drain and dry for a day. Finally, I filled the remainder with some sand and put it out on our property. Now I have less trash to pick up, and actually saw a cigar in the pot the other day!

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Here is an attractive and courteous way to keep those cigarette butts from landing where they do not belong. Just make a little pallet sign and place it conveniently for parties or that family member who smokes.

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