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Layered-triangle Pallet Christmas Tree Pair

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This Layered-Triangle Pallet Christmas Tree Pair is made from unstained pallet wood and screwed together. Lights were added for a more festive look.

My Layered-Triangle Pallet Christmas Tree Pair:

I wanted to have a more defined shape than just simple triangles, so I made this pair of trees using a bunch of graduated triangles of wood. I started by gluing some boards together and clamping them together until dry. Next, I cut out various triangular shapes, purposely making the sizes slightly irregular so that they took on a more natural tree shape. Then, I only mounted them together by overlapping them and attaching them from the back. I picked weathered wood that had a silvery tone, and think they came out great.

If you are searching a more abstract Christmas tree idea, see this Abstract/Modern Scandinavian Pallet Christmas Tree.

Layered-triangle Pallet Christmas Tree Pair Pallet Home Accessories

Layered-triangle Pallet Christmas Tree Pair Pallet Home Accessories

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