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Rustic Wine & Stemware Rack Can Adorn Your Walls

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With only a portion of a pallet, this Rustic Wine & Stemware Rack Can Adorn Your Walls! I made this from less than half of an old pallet. It holds six bottles of wine and five glasses. I built it so that it can be hung or can stand alone. This is a very quick and easy project to do. I didn’t have to make any special cuts or purchase any special materials.  Additionally, I lightly sanded it, but purposely kept it rustic, and wanted the imperfections to be visible.

A Rustic Wine & Stemware Rack Can Adorn Your Walls:

If you have a saw, some sandpaper, and a hammer, you can make this project in under 2 hours! First, find a pallet, but this time, don’t dismantle all of it. If it has three stringers, cut it, so there are only two stringer boards (as seen in the photo). Then, cut it so that it’s about 6-10″ taller than the bottles you plan to store. I used the leftover boards to fill in the gaps on the back and added more across the front to stabilize the bottles.

A Rustic Wine & Stemware Rack – the stemware board:

I used one more board and cut it to the width. Then, I cut notches into it, wide enough to accommodate the stemware I planned to hang. I mounted it to the pallet using nails and sanded it down lightly. Finally, I applied a stain and let it dry per the manufacturer’s directions. Then, I hung it on the wall! Another project complete. Time to party. :)

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