by Tim Baker

Christmas Trees

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 2h

  • free

These four Christmas trees were made from salvaged soft maple pallets I got from work. I stripped the pallets with a pry bar and ripped the top slats in half. They were then glued and stapled to an upright bass made from the pallet runners.

Christmas Trees Pallet Home Accessories

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what paint colour name did you use?

Claudio Molinari

No dai, in luglio non si può fare un post con degli alberi di Natale 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Catherine Ren Dorward

Michael Cooper leftovers?

Anita Armstrong

My hubby made these last xmas

Mark Ogden

Made these last year. Already cgot my larger pallet for this year’s tree.

Reply to  Mark Ogden

Very cool! When you create that larger tree, we’d LOVE to see a post about it! Happy Palleting! Heather the Admin. Assistant.

Rachel Howarth

Debbie Mckoy a job for dave?? Lol for out the front :-D

Debbie Mckoy
Reply to  Rachel Howarth

Do you want him to make it ??

Rachel Howarth
Reply to  Rachel Howarth

Only if he ever comes across more pallets :-P
Or he can just give them to kyle and I’ll get kyle to make them…save dave the work lol

Rachel Howarth
Reply to  Rachel Howarth

Yaay thanks :-D

Debbie Mckoy
Reply to  Rachel Howarth

Do you want it for inside or outside

Rachel Howarth
Reply to  Rachel Howarth

Outside. I’ll paint them :)

Lindsay O'Neill

Shazz O’Neill these would be cool out the front with some lights strung over them

Shazz O'Neill

Yes they would see you going to make me some?

Juan C Soto

Love it

Sarah Palmer

Project for the boys Bryan Palmer

Amanda Martin

Herbie Martin

Leiah Brookson

Janelle Osborne

Christine Ryan

Jeremy Ryan

Paula Hughes

My step dad made and sold some very similar to this last year

Angie Hewitt

Orville Moore

Elaine Watters

I want one Adrian Watters

Michelle Mcnair

Jessica Wetemans

Jenny Napper

Ian Napper

Roby Daly

Louise Daly

Bob Kemp

Yes they do loo k good

Jacqui Callanan

Dion Callanan can you make me one?

Maryanne Walker

Jess Welsh

Emma Meyer

Jennie Perris

Vicki Meyer
Reply to  Emma Meyer

Going to be busy tomorrow Emma

Vicki Meyer

Emma Meyer

Emma Meyer
Reply to  Vicki Meyer

Yes that’s what I told u the other day

Emma Meyer
Reply to  Vicki Meyer

Yes that’s what I told u the other day

Nate Capon


Bridget Augustine

Jen Cox these are cool

Jen Cox

And reckon they could be easy enough to make!! Can get u some pallets if u want some for daycare lol, but rules r :I get one to take home too, prepainted

Peter Armstrong

Anita Armstrong I’m having ideas lol

Anita Armstrong

Class x

Julia Jones Was Newell

Tobias Jones, Oliver Jones Harrison Jones and Daniel Daniel Sloan this could be a good way of making Xmas money

Jess AHill

Dianne Hill Jeff Nicholls

Helen Hunter

Cody Hunter

Hali Glezos

Tina Glezos

Kimberley Holgate

Kristin Cunningham

Jade Jordan

Nicky Jordan :)

Dianah McDonald

Where have I seen these before Angela Cations

Rebecca Stokes'Turner

Ohhhhh Stephen Turner and Liam Michael Turner please please make me one

Karen Whitty Beaumont

Priscilla Pettit

René Petrie

Benjai Hutchison

Angela Cations

Dianah and Jonno

Jonno Mitchell
Reply to  Angela Cations

So pretty…

Shelley Watson
Reply to  Angela Cations

Ange one of our dads made these for us last year and the chn painted them. They are awesome

Angela Cations
Reply to  Angela Cations

Shelley – they look great!!!

Scott Brown

Keith Carter

Keith Carter
Reply to  Scott Brown

Kinda like mine

Kate Gale

Jessie Lauria can always make more!!!! Lol

Kate Gale

Jessie Lauria can always make more!!!! Lol

Jessie Lauria

I think bob and Ben had plans to put them in Colin’s backyard

Sharyn Crawford

Brad Jarvis

Gerla Sandink

Jaap van der Heide

Julie Collins

Lisa McTiernan there ya go now

Larry Dillenbeck


Julie Amsden

I’ll need one xx

Christina Drent

Jacqueline June Williams shall we make one

Jackie Williams

Yes :) these are cool

Steven Atherton

I made one last year 8ft tall with solar lights


Awesome! If you’ve got pictures, submit it – it doesn’t matter if it’s a year old! :-D We’d love to see a post about it. – HS.

Brenda Ingraham

Very nice

Phillip Marais

Hi there Frankie. We used an image transfer medium. Reverse print your lettering on standard paper with a laser printer. It works a treat. Varnish afterwards and you’re sorted

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