Other Pallet ProjectsRecycling Wooden Pallets: Different Uses and Reasons to Do So

Recycling Wooden Pallets: Different Uses and Reasons to Do So

Perhaps you recently had furniture delivered or maybe you purchased new appliances for your remodeled kitchen! Whatever the reason, suddenly there are numerous wooden pallets lying around that you aren’t sure how to dispose of. Some people will take them to the nearest recycling center but it isn’t a guarantee that they will take wood products at that select facility. Others will save them to use as scrap wood for bonfires during those summer months but again, that can be subjected to change if you live in an area where fire bans are common due to dry, hot summers.

Recycling Wooden Pallets: Different Uses and Reasons to Do So Other Pallet Projects

Let’s Dive In!

Have you ever thought of using those wooden pallets in a way that is outside the box and also advantageous to the environment? Wooden pallets are unique in the way that they can be used in such a variety of ways and for multiple projects. They are already sturdy and tightly clenched together to handle the weight of the cargo they are transporting, so it is a logical step to use the pallets to create different items from patio furniture to bedroom furniture, from storage wooden crates to garden planters.

If you aren’t familiar with the different items that can be built, right at home in your own garage or shed, with wooden pallets; then you are reading the right article! Numerous websites and online blogs have comprehensive building plans for the most common pallet-inspired furniture but we are going to lump into one of the most common projects.

Why You Should Recycle Wooden Pallets

There are definitely some advantages to recycling wooden pallets and they aren’t just limited to the numerous possibilities of what you could do with them but also because

  1. Saves the company that uses wooden pallets for their cargo waste disposal costs which in turn decreases the markup you will pay on certain items.
  2. Protects natural resources by eliminating the need for lumber to create more pallets.
  3. Protects non-renewable resources by allowing recycling plants to compost the pallets and turn it into mulch or fuel for operations. The Most Common and Sought-Out Wooden Pallet Projects

The Most Common and Sought-Out Wooden Pallet Projects

Recycling Wooden Pallets: Different Uses and Reasons to Do So Other Pallet Projects

There are so many wooden pallet projects available on the web today that it would be impossible to list them all, as people use them for outdoor furniture to indoor furniture and more as previously mentioned. The following projects tend to be the most searched building plans online and can help you brainstorm ideas of just what you can do with a wooden pallet.

  • Storage crates for outdoor items such as kid’s toys, patio cushions, BBQ essentials.
  •  Pallet table that adds a rustic look to your backyard
  • Pallet inspired benches and seating
  • Planter boxes for both a flower garden and vegetable garden
  • Night table
  • Bookshelves
  • Coffee tables – will look great in a sunroom or in an entertainment room
  • End tables – will look great in a sunroom or in an entertainment room
  • Crafts table for the kid’s playroom
  • Vegetable or pantry storage rack – paint the storage areas different colors to contrast with your kitchen décor
  • Magazine or book holder.

Common Items/Tools You Will Need for Wooden Pallet Projects

We have reached the step where you have decided what project you want to complete with your wooden pallets and now it is time to gather your arsenal of tools to ensure each step goes smoothly during building time.

The majority of the items/tools you will need for wooden pallet projects are available at your local hardware store or can be rented from building supply stores for a flat fee. Some of the more common items/tools you will need including but are not limited to the following:

ItemWhere to find it
Wood Screws or NailsLocal hardware store
HammerLocal hardware store
Chainsaw (for cutting pallets)Local hardware store
Authorized Dealer
Online (follow the link for the most affordable chainsaws)
Wood PaintLocal hardware store
Paint shop
Measuring TapeLocal hardware store

If you do not have wooden pallets around your home to get rid of in some way, but you want to complete a wooden pallet project, just contact your local hardware store, furniture and/or appliance store to see what they have on hand as most businesses will let consumers come to take their pick of pallets that are not in use.

You can also check our article where we explain where you can get pallets for free!


Recycling Wooden Pallets: Different Uses and Reasons to Do So Other Pallet Projects

We have just discussed and discovered some of the different ways you can easily and efficiently recycle those wooden pallets that are lying around the garage – so why not invest in some nails, glue and paint to create unique and innovative furniture that will be the envy of your house guests?

Select a project that is suited to your skill level and work your way up to the projects that require some basic knowledge in carpentry while consulting blogs and online resources; such as this website. Take this wooden pallet projects and use them to bond with your family by inviting them to participate in all the building steps with you.

If you are making a piece of furniture for your child’s room, then allow them to pick out the color and help you paint the pallet to match their vision.

If you are making household furniture for your living room or outdoor furniture for your patio, ask each member of the family to paint one side to create a unique piece of art!

The possibilities when it comes to wooden pallets are endless – as long as you are willing to seek them out!

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