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Laser-cut Recycled Pallet Tablet Case

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For us, pallets are like an unending set of giant Lego-like blocks that we can play with. There are a tremendous number of variations for pallet furniture production, and we did those kinds of combinations during our three years of pallet furniture crafting. A large number of projects are behind us, along with a whole army of satisfied customers cheering us on. Not to mention and few truckloads of pallets that we've upcycled over those three years. And we didn't stop there. We started thinking of a Pallet Tablet Case.

Laser-Cut Recycled Pallet Tablet Case - an idea formed:

During those years, an idea was tickling us all the time - we wanted to make something different, something unique. And then a lightning struck! We were going to build a tablet case made out of pallet wood.

Today, we are proud to share our creation with you. Here's our Laser-Cut Recycled Pallet Tablet Case made for open-minded, environmentally aware and awesome people looking for a well-designed, unique and strong case for their tablet.
We designed and produced this in Croatia by a group of young enthusiasts looking to create something out of nothing.

Laser-Cut Recycled Pallet Tablet Case - availability:

This tablet case is in its second prototyping stage. In this stage, we gather feedback from our early adopters and improve the user experience. We also want to ensure that we have a look and feel people love, as well as a well-designed product.

Initially, this Laser-Cut Recycled Pallet Tablet Case is going to be made for the best selling tablets globally, such as iPad, and Galaxy Tab. In our next phase, we want to be able to produce tablets on demand for virtually any kind of tablet out there.

Laser-Cut Recycled Pallet Tablet Case - products and philosophy to change the world!

If you'd like to be notified about the process, please sign up for our mailing list. Go to our website: www.ipallet4.me. Or, you can visit our Facebook page and let us know what you think. You will make this happen, and we need your feedback and support! Soon we're going to begin a Crowdfunding campaign to enable us to offer our cases worldwide. Additionally, we want to create a full production line and add CNC machines, laser engravers, and more. Our plan is to help our young people who are struggling with high unemployment find a creative place to work with us! We want everything we do to make a positive difference in the World we all live in and share. Our product ipallet4.me is more than just a tablet case. It's a process that can change lives, provide income and save the planet, one pallet at a time.

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Pallet Tablet Case2
Pallet Tablet Case3

Pallet Tablet Case4
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Pallet Tablet Case6
Pallet Tablet Case7
Pallet Tablet Case8
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Bio: We started as a pallet crafter creating awesome furniture. Now we are on a mission to create somethi... read more

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