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Outstanding Vaulted Ceiling Pallet Wall

  • 25 pallets

  • medium

  • 50h

  • $50

To start, I got online to see where I could get some pallets in my community to take apart. That alone was a challenging task. After a few hours on Craigslist and calling around. The good news was that I found a place that offered them free if I picked them up myself. So, I attached my old trailer to my work-wagon and took one of my sons and loaded all I could carry. Once I found enough, I wanted to get started on my pallet wall as soon as possible!

Create a focal area of your room or add rustic style with a Pallet Wall!

Next, I started the disassembly process. After ONE pallet and a crowbar, I quickly discovered that there must be a more natural way. Back to the Internet and found a plethora of techniques. The pallet buster looked like the best approach, but on a budget, and with a scrap piece of pipe and a welder, I made my own. That tool is fantastic (it's not perfect), but for the most part, works great! So I assigned some of my sons to do that portion of the job for grandma, and the pallets came apart quickly.

Now that the pallets were broken down, it's time to prep for the wall!

The next step was to do some sanding to remove the imperfections where the nails pulled through the slats and take down any splinters. We lightly sanded each piece on both sides. We removed the nails from the stringer boards and gave them a sanding, too. I thought that a darker, neutral color scheme would make for a better background behind the wood. Due to the irregularities in the pallet wood, there are places where the wall will show through. To begin the wall, I started from floor level and worked my way up. I located the studs to achieve better anchor points for the 2” finishing nails.

I trimmed out the hallway entrance before I began my wall.

Before actually applying the first slats, I prepared the hallway entrance with old, weathered, full-dimensional 2" x 4" oak trusses from a tornado-blown chicken coop. We salvaged them from a friend’s property a couple of years earlier. I rabbet-cut a groove on the wall-side of the border material to receive the slats for a more professional finish.

After I was satisfied with that procedure, I started applying the slats one at a time from left-to-right (or right-to-left) right on up the wall. Of course, I made allowances for my pallet wall receptacles and switches. The trick was to try to make each completed level as “level” as possible and with an only minimum spacing between the sometimes irregular slats.

We changed the wall up a bit with different directions of wood grains.

At about the 8-foot level, I talked my mother-in-law into a transition to vertical similar to the side of an old barn. She liked the idea, and I proceeded in that fashion. To make the transition, I used a warped & weathered 2" x 6". In fact, it was so twisted that I had to use lag screws and fender washers to fasten it to the studs and then removed them in favor of less-obvious 3.5” black drywall screws. In a similar fashion, but from right-to-left, I cut & fastened the various slats across the remainder of the wall. I added a hayloft door on the fly.

The inspiration just came to me as I was working. It worked out great as a location for a beloved bull’s head that Grandma Irma wanted for ornamentation. Additionally, I fabricated a couple of oak shelves for some of her knick-knacks. They fit in rather well in the overall scheme & spirit of this pallet wood accent wall.

I built this Pallet Wall as a focal wall for my grandmother's house, and styled it after an old barn.
The completed project looks nice with horizontal boards at the "regular" ceiling height and vertical boards for the hayloft section.
You may need a large quantity of pallets to complete your Pallet Wall.
For a taller wall like mine, you'll need a lot of pallets. I needed about 25 to complete my project.
Use a tool to make busting pallets apart quicker like a pallet buster. It'll make a Pallet Wall project go faster.
I made my own homemade pallet buster and put the grandsons to the task.
I used mixed muted tones on the wall behind the wood so that it wouldn't be so noticeable between gaps and irregularities on my Pallet Wall.
We used mixed muted tones on the wall behind the wood so that it wouldn't be so noticeable between gaps and irregularities.
I trimmed out the hallway with upcycled beams for the Pallet Wall.
I trimmed out the hallway with upcycled beams.
Working aorund the plugs on my Pallet Wall.
Here's where I worked around the plugs.
The lower section of my Pallet Wall is complete.
The lower section was complete; it was time to change the direction of the wood.
I added trim between the lower and upper sections of the Pallet Wall.
Adding trim between the lower and upper sections of the wall.
The upper section of wood was installed vertically to resemble an old barn. Pretty nifty for a Pallet Wall.
I put the upper section of wood vertically to resemble an old barn.
The completed Pallet Wall in the sunshine. I think it turned out great.
The completed project in the sunshine. I think it turned out great.
Use pallets to create a stunning focal wall in your home! This project was styled after old barns, including a hayloft door, and extra shelves for displaying items! We used two directions of wood to create an old barn look. #diypalletwall


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Loretta Lala Green Piwarski

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Simon dodd

wow. beautiful job. i thought I was looking at a platform section above the horizontal latts. it makes the vertical wall look like it’s sitting right back thus making the room look much bigger. bravo….

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