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by Jason Henry

Bathroom Mirror Project

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I used two types of pallet wood for this project. 5 5.5 inch pine boards and 1 4 inch oak board. Two hose clamps and two mason jars. I used the original mirror from the old medicine cabinet. I cut the pine boards to 33inches in length. The shelves are 7.5 inches. With one long one of 9 inches. No staining was done. I just sanded the boards lightly and mounted them up. I’m pleased with the outcome.

Bathroom Mirror Project Pallet Walls & Pallet Doors

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Will the wood warp with the moisture?

Kelly Blyth

Dylan Blyth you can make this for me!!!!! Pleeeeasssseeeee

Mary Huff

Wow! Very nice❤️

Citan Bzh

je veux la même

Georgianna Morrow

Yes I love it

France Blanchard



Brilliant Idea

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