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Lego Style Pallet Bricks

  • 6 pallets

  • easy

  • 6h

  • $40

I wanted to make something that could be used to build other buildings with - a lego style brick made out of pallets.

The aim here was to be as efficient as possible, so that the "brick" I was making could be easily reproduced, with as little waste material as possible, and with as little manpower as possible.

I used "EURO" pallets, because they are the most standardized pallet available, and can be obtained easily from second-hand pallet dealers. With some slight adaptation though, I think the concept can be applied to any pallet. The tricky thing would always be to have a supply of pallets that are all the same though

What I did in the end is fairly straightforward:

  1. Cut the top half off of the pallet, leaving around 1 1/2 inches of extension of the deck and lower boards past the middle blocks.
  2. I removed the blocks from the cut-off, leaving the remaining parts of the deck boards intact.
  3. I used the cut off deck boards to close the gaps (spacing) between the other deck boards.
  4. I cut back the lower boards on my "brick" by about 2 inches, at what is now the top of the brick, to allow the overhanging lower boards from another "brick" to connect to this.
  5. I created a complete back cover to the deck board out of the remaining pieces of cut-off deck boards. I had to use an extra pallet for every 5 bricks used due to the shortage of cut-offs.
  6. I added some connector pieces to fortify the grip between any two "bricks".

In the end I think I could knock up one of these bricks in about 20 minutes. I used a circular saw but otherwise just normal hand tools. The bricks stacked pretty nicely, but in retrospect I think I would have simplified the project by not cutting back the lower deck boards - and putting my back "cover" lower down, so it became the part that gripped the brick below it

The nice thing I felt about this, was that the bricks are hollow, allowing for them to be filled with something insulating, such as wood chips or straw slip for example. Even soil could be good. Stick could be shoved through the insulation material to further strengthen the structure, or planks of wood could be included, joining the top bricks right down to the bottom bricks in a wall.


Resources for this project:

Bio: Building large structures out of pallets and developing SIPs (structural insulated panels) based on ... read more

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