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62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds You'll Never Want To Leave!

At 1001Pallets, we regularly receive creative ideas for beds made from recycled pallets. Today we'll show you a selection of 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds, bed frames and headboards, cradles and more, all made from recycled pallets. Those beds are so beautiful that you'll never want to get out of them! Maybe that could be a good excuse to justify your delay to your boss :)

Additionally, we have an almost endless array of styles, from rustic, traditional, classical, modern, and high-tech. Any size your family needs: king, queen, beds for kids and even cribs for your little ones. You'll find great ideas showcased in this collection of 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds. Update your bedroom or build a new bed entirely, have bragging rights and save money too!

62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds - Safety First, then Bring On The Style!

But, before rushing headlong into the making of your bed out of repurposed wooden pallets, take care of the pallets you will use to make your bed, you should be sure that the pallets you have are safe as you will sleep around 8 hours each day near them. For this, visit our pallet safety page before any pallet project and even more for any bedroom project!

And of course, do not forget to share your pallet bed with our community once it's done to inspire the next generation of pallet crafters! We've got 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds, but want many more!

Enjoy this best-of!

A cute kid toddler bed from recycled pallets and white painted. (source)

62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds1

A 160x200cm pallet bed with nightstands integrated on each side, ideal for laptop or phone while charging overnight. (source)

62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds2

Pallet bed made with recycled shipping pallets and painted like one of Piet Mondrian's famous "Compositions" from the 20's and 30's. (source)

62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds3

This chic pallet bed is made out of white-painted pallets; it's perfect for a shabby chic interior design. (source)

62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds4

Here is a one-of-a-kind floating pallet bed. (source)

62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds5

As my kid outgrew his standard 120 x 60cm bed, and I had already made a pallet bed for our bedroom, I decided to make an extension to his original bed. After a few hours of sanding, painting and leveling the original pallet bed base, I attached some old wheels and got it moving. Now my kid rumbles around a 120 x 120cm bed like a King. (source)

62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds6

An original bi-level pallet bed with integrated lights in the base. (source)

62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds7

A single pallet bed with integrated drawers, entirely made from recycled wooden pallets - even the drawers. (source)


Pallet bed made entirely out of white and green painted pallets. You can attach pictures to the bed. The best! It's a very comfortable bed. (source)


Two pallets and a half, a $50 mattress for a total cost of $75 and you've got this terrific toddler's pallet bed! (source)


Refined and elegant Integrated pallet bed with dual nightstands entirely made from recycled pallets. (source)


Even in a small one bedroom apartment, you can have a great pallet bed! I made this bed with six upcycled pallets, and I put some legs under it. (source)


This is a family pallet bed was made with upcycled EURO pallets by Tannis Welt. (source)


A beautiful pallet bed frame with drawers made from discarded wooden pallets, I love the design of this bed! (source)


King size pallet bed made from upcycled pallets with beautiful basket storage. (source)


The headboard is made from recycled barn wood. I glued boards against each other and put on cleats. The headboard is only placed on the ground and held in place with the pallets. EURO pallets are placed under the mattress (two horizontal and two vertical) to form the frame of this pallet bed. (source)


If your little boy loves Pirates, he will love this one-of-a-kind, custom Pirate-themed pallet bed! (source)


Rustic pallet bed frame & headboard made from repurposed wooden pallets that feature the beautiful Euro pallet blocks. (source)


An original creation made from repurposed pallets, a folding futon that converts into a very functional pallet bed! (source)


Go tech-savvy with this pallet headboard made from recycled pallets featuring integrated lights and electrical outlets to charge your devices at night! (source)


Practicality and environmentally conscious! Here is my new pallet bed frame made with discarded pallet planks! (source)


Pallet bed with integrated drawers, the size, is 190x180 cm. (source)


A relaxing and romantic atmosphere with this bed and headboard made from recycled pallets. Lights, shelves, nightstands & electrical outlets integrated into the headboard for convenience and style! Just about perfect! (source)


Massive bed frame (size 190 x 180 cm) made from old and recycled wooden pallets. (source)


Build a custom pallet bed for a child using old recycled pallets, some paint and elbow grease. (source)


Headboard made from reclaimed pallet wood sized to 160cm. It is a simple style and very well integrated into the decor. Patina and wax finish, it retains the beautiful natural wood finish, but with the wax, it begs to have you touch it! (source)


This pallet bed headboard measures 1m x 2.60m and 70cm depth, and it is made entirely of recycled wooden pallets. I selected different shades of wood for a more harmonious overall appearance. The tables are securely attached to the structure. The finish is patiently made with wax for a natural, gorgeous sheen. (source)


Pallet bed headboard made of recycled pallet wood built to fit a small space - 140cm, a niche on each side acts as bedside; it was colored later to suit our style. (source)


The headboard and footboard are made of 2 layers of pallet wood and scaffolding wood. The drawers under the pallet bed are made of MDF and scaffolding wood. Wheels are mounted for easy moving. (source)


Here is a toddler pallet bed I've made for my little boy! (source)


My daughter needed a new bed, so I made this traditional bed and saved a lot of money, too! (source)


While renovating their country house in Normandie, France, the owners reused the pallets from the construction to make this sunburst-patterned pallet bed headboard. We love the different colors they used! (source)


For this pallet bed, I've used eight pallets that I've sanded, waxed and polished. Then, I've stacked them two by two, set up vertically and horizontally and sawn to adjust the horizontal pallets with those vertical. (source)


I am a beginner in working with repurposed pallets, but my sister challenged me to make a pallet bed for my 2-yr-old niece. I found examples on the 'net for the headboard and created the rest from my imagination. (source)


A toddler's pallet bed made from upcycled wooden pallets with rails and a bench for easy shoe tying! (source)


This pallet bed has a beautiful design to gives some vintage aspect to any bedroom ambiance. The natural tones of pallet wood give it a weathered and rustic appeal which adds a character to the bed. The pallet bed has been made stable using heavy screws, bolts, and nuts. (source)


This bed is entirely made from recycled pallets. Pallet bed, headboard, and nightstand are made from old pallets, sanded and painted in white. For a shabby chic home décor! (source)


Pallet Bed made out of repurposed pallet wood and old wooden apple crates provides a fantastic amount of storage! (source)


A complete pallet bed frame made from repurposed pallets and with four drawers on each side to store all your things. The drawers could also be done from pallets, or you can use some old apple wooden crates. An excellent design for this pallet bed! (source)


Creative Headboards made from repurposed wooden pallets. If you want an original headboard, don't pay an outrageous amount - make it yourself and have exactly what you want! (source)

Head wooden pallet bed 160x120 cm
6 Reviews
Head wooden pallet bed 160x120 cm
Headboard made of wood of raw pallets and sanded on the front (after "karcherisation") Size 160x120 cm (2x80 per ht 120)....

I took an 8×4 pallet and the springs from my grandson's crib. Then I went on a mission to create him a toddler's pallet bed. (source)


We put art, recycled, integrity, function, and design all in one pallet bed. The best way to sleep at ease tonight. (source)


I create a pallet bed and its headboard using old wooden boards. For the bed structure, I used scaffold boards, about 4.5 cm thick and 20 cm high, planed and smoothed. For the headboard and bed staves, I used wooden boards taken from old pallets. (source)


I made this pallet bed on request from a client. I designed it with Sketchup, and it took about three weeks to complete. Imbuia stain was used to create the desired finish. Three coats of varnish were applied (varnish was thinned with turpentine: 80 % varnish and 20 % turpentine). (source)


Pallet bed entirely made from recycled pallet wood with a 2.74 meters wide headboard, integrated reading lamps and power outlets and the best ... a motion sensor that lights up the ground! Beautiful work by l'atelier d'adri! (source)

You'll be amazed at some of the creativity our Crafters have shown on this 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds list! Make your bedroom, kid's room, or even sleeping areas for your baby!

Your baby also deserves a pallet bed. We made this moon shaped cradle pallet bed totally out of pallets. I saw a picture of the moon-shaped cradle and guessed at the measurements. It was all done by trial and error. The hardest part was the sides and getting the correct shape and height of the bottom to make it sit correctly and even. It took me about 40 hrs from start to finish. This one was an easy choice for 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds! (source / PDF Tutorial)


Used a saw to break down pallets back into boards. I stained the boards with opaque white stain before fastening the boards from the back with cross members. Then, due to the weight, I bolted the entire thing to the wall to avoid injury! (source)


For this pallet be, I used Ana White's Farmhouse pallet bed plans as a launching point but tweaked them to include reclaimed pallet wood insets. I loved the contrast of the weathered and new wood and added interest of the diagonal boards. Overall, it was a simple build. The most challenging part was incorporating the pallet wood insets. The total cost for the bed and trundle was only $165! We had to include this one in our 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds because it's smart and a bargain! (source)


To make this pallet bed frame, I used ten pallets (120x120cm), and leftover wine crates after family meals. For the mattress, eight pallets were fastened together. On the headboard, between the two boards, I added flower pots that slide between the two boards. (source)


We used ten euro-pallets to create the body of the pallet bed. Half of it has drawers on the side; the other half has two storage compartments you can access by opening the top under the mattress. The headboard is one piece XXL pallet, with filled plank gaps above mattress level. Has a mini shelf at the top. All directly planned and covered with water based eco lacquer. An obvious choice for 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds! (source)


You'll see style, elegance, and several finish styles on this creative Recycled pallet beds list!

Reclaimed wooden headboard custom-made by order. Pallet headboard
32 Reviews
Reclaimed wooden headboard custom-made by order. Pallet headboard
Made with reclaimed wood, it is handcrafted by order and custom-made. The model of the photos measures 250 x 140 x 14 cm. The wood is treated by a natural white dye that smooths the color of the s...

62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds that have all kinds of style from rustic, shabby-chic, to ultra-modern and tech-savvy. It's all up to you and your imagination! Get creative and make your pallet bed, and you'll save money too!

A rustic looking pallet bed with integrated storage drawers.


Pallet bed made with eight repurposed pallets for the frame, two pallets for the headboard and lights integrated.


Repurposed pallet luxury bed with headboard, nightstands, shelves, electrical outlets, and lights.


Bed for your garden, this pallet swing bed looks perfect to have a rest :)


A nice pallet toddler bed on wheels. (source)


Natural bright wood pallet bed frame with lights.


Pallet bed frame made from 4 EURO pallets + mattress, nothing else. The size of the bed is 1,4m x 2,0m. (source)


Original and modular pallet bed frame and sofa.


When you see a bed like this, it deserves a place on our 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds list! Driftwood and recycled pallets for this shabby chic bed!


Elegant yet straightforward pallet bed plan with headboard will be a beautiful addition to modern or shabby chic interiors! (source)


Original central pallet bed/platform. Perfect for a loft :) 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds would be incomplete without this one!


Pallet bed frame and headboard with nightstands and lights.


We hoped you enjoyed this 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds list. You should now be inspired for your next pallet project - update your bedroom and add storage! If you want more inspiration, look at our pallet beds & headboards category, where we have hundreds more pallet bed frame & designs to inspire you :) You can also check our Pinterest board dedicated to pallet beds & headboards for even more inspirations!

It's your turn now to make one and to share it with our community! Get your project on our next 62 Creative Recycled Pallet Beds list!

Some resources for your project:

And to finish, the slideshow of this best-of:


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