Fun Pallet Crafts for KidsPallet Crib


by Tim Grundmann

Pallet Crib

  • n/a

  • hard

  • 30h

  • $100

This is a fully functioning crib I made for my first grand-baby. The side moves up and down. Has decorative wood posts that were taken from the large Oak tree in the front yard where my daughter grew up. The one large post comes over the crib at 45 degrees to hang a mobile.

  • Total cost: A little over $100 (for the crib hardware)
  • Total time: 30+ hours

Pallet Crib Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids

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All drop-side cribs in the U.S. have been recalled because they’re not safe in general. Like Ron said, be extra careful with homemade cribs. There are reasons the safety regulations exist.

Ron Colling
Ron Colling

This a very nice.
Be careful making your own crib. There are several safety regulations for cribs. I know this is a family project and not for resale, but all the more reason to be sure it is safe.

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