Pallet FurnitureTop Tips on How to Upcycle Wooden Pallets in Order to Create Stylish and Useful Storage Spaces in Your Home

Top Tips on How to Upcycle Wooden Pallets in Order to Create Stylish and Useful Storage Spaces in Your Home

If you’re a fan of reading blogs online, chances are you’ll have seen loads about the whole “fixer-upper” trend that is rife in the home décor department right now. It’s no wonder it’s slowly becoming a huge cultural phenomenon. Not only is the recycling of products cheaper, but it’s also a whole lot better for the environment too.

Plus, you’ll get the chance to get your creative juices flowing and make something that’s totally unique to you, and one of the most popular starting points for sustainable home décor, are wooden pallets. There is just so much to love about upcycling, so here are some top tips on how to upcycle old wooden pallets into stylish storage features around the home.

Top Tips on How to Upcycle Wooden Pallets in Order to Create Stylish and Useful Storage Spaces in Your Home Pallet Furniture

How to Prepare the Pallet for Your Project

The first thing you’ll have to do before creating anything is to prepare the pallet itself for whatever project you have in store. Here are the simple steps to follow in order to do this:

  1. If you wish to, dismantle the pallet itself. Remember that it doesn’t have to keep its original form in order to be an upcycled pallet! Use a pry tool and take the pallet apart one board at a time. If you do damage some of the boards in the process, just keep the ones that can still be used.
  2. Use a hammer to hit the nails backward and then remove them, but be careful.
  3. Next, you’ll want to use a sander (or sandpaper, which admittedly takes a lot longer) in order to sand the wood effectively, eliminate splinters and ensure it’s smooth and ready for repurposing. If you’re leaving the pallet as it is in shape, then this will be the first step you’ll take as opposed to dismantling it.
  4. Sanding will leave the surfaces dusty, so clean them up using a tack cloth.
  5. Last of all, if you’re wanting to stain or paint the wood a specific color, now is the time to do it. And voila, you’re ready for your DIY!

Wall Storage

Upcycled wooden pallets are perfect to create effective and stylish wall storage for the interior of your home. Below are a few trendy ideas, that you might want to use as inspiration:

  • Cupboard: You could create new and unique kitchen cupboards out of your recycled wooden pallets fairly simply. For this, you don’t even have to take the pallet apart, but ensure that it’s well sanded, cleaned and painted ready for display. This is perfect for storing larger plates on display, and you can easily add a few hooks onto the front to display tea towels and coffee mugs.
  • Bookshelf: You can easily create a different-looking and handy bookshelf out of a wooden pallet of the smaller variety. All you’ll want to do is sand, paint or varnish it, then mount it on the wall using studs. This acts as a perfect storage unit for kids’ books and looks great in their bedrooms.
  • Wine Rack: One of the most popular upcycling projects at the moment, is the wine rack. Similarly to the cupboard, it acts as a great storage and displays unit. These look great in a sort of rustic finish, so after sanding, you might want to simply clean it or add a thin coat of varnish to finish it off. The internal depth of the pallet acts as a perfect haven for your wine bottles, and reappointing a singular plank of wood across the front ensures their safekeeping. You could even add a couple of added features like hooks and stoppers in order to store your wine glasses – the possibilities are endless.
Top Tips on How to Upcycle Wooden Pallets in Order to Create Stylish and Useful Storage Spaces in Your Home Pallet Furniture
6 Bottle Wine Rack & Glass Holder

The Coffee Table

Finally, repurposed coffee tables are all the rage right now. They’re a necessity in any trendy living area, and not only provide use but spruce up the room effectively. Although some of these designs may require a little extra on top of the pallet itself – such as wood or materials for the table legs – the main source of the table itself is derived from the pallet. Depending on the dimensions of the room and the size you want your coffee table to be, you may have to trim your pallets down to size. It can be as simple as using one large pallet, or fashioning together several smaller pallets with long wood screw nails – the design itself is completely up to you!

Not only is sustainable home décor cheaper, more creative, and better for the environment, but it also gives your home an extra edge. If you look at the average sell house fast guide, it’s bound to tell you that sustainable and rustic home décor is fashionable and stands out from the crowd. Therefore if it’s on display when you’re selling your home, it’s likely to generate more interest. The benefits seem endless!

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