Pallet FurniturePallet Coffee TablesPallet Table


by Dave Donovan

Pallet Table

It’s a low ride coffee table that can be adapted for use indoors or outdoors. It features an inset that can be used for decoration such as candles, plants, and stones, or functionally as a place to put an ice tray or bowls of food. It’s 3ftx3ft and is just under a foot tall. It can be decorated either with varnish or paint of the customers choosing. I’m considering attaching Removable LED lighting underneath to create ambient effect lighting for evenings. It was a tough but fun build :)

Pallet Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Pallet Table Pallet Coffee Tables

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David Donovan
David Donovan

i made this :) for more wooden wonders :)

Dominique David


Myster Skaaz

trop beau

Mithé Legrand
Mithé Legrand

Très belles finitions bravo

Francoise Lena

Super bien fait

David Donovan
David Donovan

I made that:) check out for more

Sandra Aviles Pliego

Me gusta

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