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by Jake Howell

Student Pallet Coffee Table

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I am a graduate student and my wife, and I needed a coffee table for our new apartment. As a graduate student, I was working with a tight budget which made pallets perfect! No power tools were used, everything was done manually. The tools I used were nothing fancy: hammer, screwdrivers, handsaw, level, square, measuring tape and rubber mallet. All hardware was relatively simple and cheap: wood screws, nails, hinges and a few internal mending plates. It took me about fifteen hours spread over four days. With power tools, it could be done much faster.

Student Pallet Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Student Pallet Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

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Trey Allen Brown

Lynn Mabry

Tom Donnelly
Tom Donnelly

The use of recycled wood and pallet wood posts are my main interests.

Dave Windle
Dave Windle

I love this table, well done for not using any power tools.
Is there a tutorial on how you made this as I would like to see that.
Thanks for sharing this as you must be proud of what you created.

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