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Make Your Own Pallet Compost Bins

By HeatherStiletto

We all get that spring fever and rush out to start our gardens. Great! Enjoy the weather and the fun of growing your own food. However, we miss out on […]

Video Tutorial: Remove Pallet Nails Efficiently Using An Air Punch

Video Tutorial: Remove Pallet Nails Efficiently Using An Air Punch

By Karell

My process and tool for quickly and removing nails from pallet wood, and the tricks to do it safely.


Pallet Dismantling Challenge: Reciprocating Saw Vs Circular Saw Vs Pallet Buster

By Karell

I’ve had many people suggest alternatives to my original pallet dismantling technique. So, I decided to do a Pallet Dismantling Challenge: Reciprocating Saw Vs. Circular Saw Vs. Pallet Buster. This short […]


Vintage Style Pallet Coffee Table With Diy Video

By PaintyCloud

Would you like to get a vintage look in your room? But couldn’t you find the perfect table to fit your needs?
Let’s create your own vintage style coffee table from pallets and spend less than $ 30.
Are you curious how can you do it? Check and enjoy this tutorial video! :)

How You Can Create Cute Pet Beds Using Pallets

By PaintyCloud

Your little dog can be relaxing in style with this cute handmade reclaimed pallet dog bed. CHECK our video tutorial and let’s do it for your pet and she/he will be so thankful for it.


Make Larger Solid Wood Pieces Using Pallet Wood – Video Tutorial!

By Karell

One of my biggest problems when working with pallet wood is that I sometimes need to use lumber of dimensions that I can’t get from pallets. As I don’t want […]

A Fast & Easy Way of Removing Nails from Pallet Boards

By Neokentin

After her great video tutorial on how to easily dismantle a wooden pallet, Sarah James is back with another tutorial that will show you the fastest and easiest way of […]


Funny Video: The Pallet Revelation

By Karell

Several years ago I started working with pallets. This video is a representation of how it hit me one day… and I had a Pallet Revelation!


40$ Pallet Greenhouse Timelapse Video

By Teupe

Comment construire une serre avec des palettes et des matériaux de récupération

How to Take Apart a Pallet in under 5 Minutes

By DrEd

Taking pallets apart is a tedious thing, see this video to find out how to do it quickly and easily.


An Fast & Easy Way To Disassemble Pallet

By tchopko

the simple and rather way i found to dismantle pallets, a little video tutorial

How to Make a Pallet Coffee Table (Tutorial+video)

By PaintyCloud

We love pallet furniture! :) This was our first pallet project and sure not the last. Make your own pallet coffee table too! We created this cute table into our livingroom, and love it. I hope this video will motivate you to “do it yourself” :)

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