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Diy Video Tutorial: Varnishing Pallet Wood

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Found pallets? Check. Dismantled them without injury to yourself or the wood? Of course, because you've checked out our Dismantling Pallets page. You've built an impressive pallet project that you and your family adore. What's next? PROTECTING your hard work, of course! That means applying a coating to prevent damage from the elements. You could paint the piece, but the wood is too beautiful, so that leaves a clear coating. A UV-resistant spar varnish is just the ticket, but how to apply it? Our friends at Sikana.tv can help! Watch their DIY video tutorial and learn the easy techniques for Varnishing Pallet Wood!

Protect your hard work and learn Varnishing Pallet Wood Techniques with Sikana.tv's DIY Video Tutorial!

Remember: always follow the manufacturer's safety precautions when working with varnish, shellac, polyurethane, or any other coatings. Work in a well-ventilated area and avoid open flames. :) You'll learn the step-by-step techniques you'll need to work with varnish! FYI: Spar Varnish came from the marine/boating world. It was a more durable, UV-resistant varnish that could withstand outdoor environments. Be sure that your product says SPAR or Marine varnish if you want to coat projects for outdoor applications.

Editor's note: Spar Varnish came from the marine/boating world. It was a more durable, UV-resistant varnish that could withstand outdoor environments. Be sure that your product says SPAR or Marine varnish if you want to coat projects for outdoor applications.

Varnishing Pallet Wood will be easy with the help of sikana.tv. You'll learn how to varnish wood like the pros!
If you love the natural look of pallet wood, then you'll need to learn how to apply a spar varnish. There are a few steps, but every single one is easy!
The video tutorial shows you step-by-step, including little icons that indicate the supplies needed when Varnishing Pallet Wood.
Each video tutorial will show you the steps necessary to varnish pallet wood. Note the little icons in the lower left corner that show you the supplies you'll need.
Vacuuming your project between sanding and coating makes all the difference when Varnishing Pallet Wood.
A small shop vacuum makes all the difference. Porous, grainy wood like oak will hold onto a lot of dust, and that causes imperfections in your finish. The cleaner the piece, the better the end product will be.
Use a good-quality paint brush to produce finer results when Varnishing Pallet Wood.
Apply your varnish. Better-quality brushes do create a better finish.
When Varnishing Pallet Wood, you'll sand between each coat.
Sand between coats of varnish. Repeat the vacuuming, and continue coating.
Varnishing Pallet Wood highlights the natural beauty of pallet wood!
Your final piece will be beautiful!


Watch the DIY Video Tutorial by Sikana.tv to learn Wood Varnishing Techniques! Follow Sikana on YouTube & Facebook!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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