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Using Miter Squares For Perfect Wood Joints

By HeatherStiletto

One of the biggest challenges for a woodworker is to get square joints. It’s even more tricky when using pallet wood. Let Sikana.tv help you learn how to use simple […]

Must-see Diy Video Tutorial: Pallet Sound Wave Song Board

By aCuriousCreator

This project is an awesome way to showcase your favorite song in a fun and unique way.

Dismantling Block-style Pallets Easily!

By Karell

My DIY Video Tutorial will demonstrate the easy technique for dismantling block-style pallets!  Pallets are not all created equal. In this particular video, I’m going to show you how to […]

Removing Nails From Pallet Blocks

By Karell

Removing Nails from boards is easy. However, how do you remove pallet nails from those handy wooden spacer blocks? You have no leverage. There is nowhere to actually sit your […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Pallet Led Nightlight

By dougroyal

This DIY Video Tutorial will show you how to easily make a beautiful, illuminating Pallet LED Nightlight like this one. You only need a couple of scrap pieces of pallet […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Vestil Pallet Buster Bar Dismantles Pallets Quickly

By Karell

You want to build a cool pallet project and have found a stack of pallets. Now, what’s next? Trying to dismantle pallets just with a hammer or crowbar can take […]

Remove Cut Nails Using Simple Center Punch/Nail Setter

By Karell

Here’s a simple way to Remove Cut Nails using a nail setter/center punch. This means NO expensive power or air tools! All you need is a hammer and the punch. […]

Industrial Pallet Wood Storage Cart

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

This is a rugged and industrial-looking Pallet Wood Storage Cart with a strong, sturdy base made of pallet stringers, heavy-duty locking casters and metal pipe rails for the vertical supports. […]

Zen Pallet Planter Box

By mydiyzen

I’ve looked at several how-to posts for various planter styles, and you may not be surprised that I didn’t follow any of them! The main reason is of course that I had the pallet wood and the pot already and just wanted to work with what I had. I knew that I wanted a different style, not the angled look of these, so I started by getting some sides put together for this planter.

Using Mortise Marking Gauges!

By HeatherStiletto

Mortises and Tenons – those mystery joints that are strong and durable without any hardware. Those joints we want to do but don’t know how to make them line up. […]

Using Wall Anchors!

By HeatherStiletto

With all the cool stuff everyone is making from upcycled and recycled items these days. Eventually, you’ll end up with something you want to hang on the wall. Perhaps you […]

Make Pallet Wood Planter Boxes

By HeatherStiletto

Here’s a great DIY Video Tutorial – Make your own Pallet Wood Planter Boxes – either low to the ground or raise them up to make weeding comfortable on your […]

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