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Diy Video Tutorial: Travel-inspired Pallet Picture Frame

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 3h

  • $10

If you love to travel, then you must make this Travel-Inspired Pallet Picture Frame! My DIY Video Tutorial will show you how to make this project quickly. I wanted a frame to hold different notes and coins from countries I have visited with my wife. We thought this would be a cool way to remember various trips around the world. I will continue to add more and more money as time goes on, and already have to add more since making this! Adapt this idea to any theme you desire, but I wanted to make it based on our travels.

This Travel-Inspired Pallet Picture Frame idea can be adapted to any theme you want - make it personal!

For this project you will need:

  • Pallet Wood
  • A3 Plexiglass
  • Wood Glue
  • Staple Gun
  • Foam Board
  • A3 Paper
  • Wood Burner Pen
  • Picture mounting hardware
  • Button closures (optional) - or tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • A3 cardstock

A Pallet Picture Frame like this is an outstanding holiday gift for family members!

Get the kids in the shop to help you with this Pallet Picture Frame.
Choose any wood you like; or mix tones for a different look. This frame project would be an excellent project to get the kids into the workshop with you!
Glue & staple your Pallet Picture Frame to secure.
Wipe off the excess glue while wet with a lightly damp sponge or rag. Stain doesn't penetrate well where glue is left to sit.

Frame out to hold the plexiglass for your Pallet Picture Frame.

Sand the Pallet Picture Frame.
You can sand the frame very fine for a more polished appearance.
Transfer graphics onto your Pallet Picture Frame.
Check out my other DIY Video Tutorial to review how to create your artwork for transferring.
Wood burn your image onto the Pallet Picture Frame with a wood burning kit.

Wood burning kits are available locally at your home centers, hobby centers, and of course you can order them too.
Make a homemade beeswax polish (optional) and apply it to your homemade Pallet Picture Frame.

Beeswax is readily available. You can choose any oil you prefer.
The fun part: mounting your artwork onto cardstock and installing it into your Pallet Picture Frame.

Your local hobby/craft center will have an excellent selection of scrapbooking and framing supplies. Select acid-free and photo-safe paper, tape, and other materials if your artwork could be damaged or discolored. Here are some easy examples, including Card Stock, Double-Sided Tape, and Foam Core Backer Board.
Install hardware onto your Pallet Picture Frame.

You can get a large variety of framing hardware at your local hobby/craft stores or home centers. We chose example products like this Hanger Bracket and Backer Buttons to give you some inspiration.
Pallet Picture Frame is installed on the wall and will bring years of memories!
Hang up your creation and enjoy the memories!
Get the kids involved and have them do the layout of the Pallet Picture Frame.
This frame is an outstanding project as a gift, particularly if the kids help with the layout!

Be sure to check out my other DIY Video: Pallet Wave Song Board - I'll go into more detail about transferring images.


Bio: My name is Edward and I am a full time filmmaker, and part time maker. I love learning new things an... read more

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