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Diy Video Tutorial: Mobile Pallet Bar

This Mobile Pallet Bar is an excellent height for people to take a break but it'll keep them circulating. It's mobile so that you can drag it around to different locations at your home (or put it in your vehicle and take the party elsewhere). It has a place to hold ice and cold beverages! It is a brilliant design, and with this DIY Video Tutorial, you can make a version of it for your home, outdoor living spaces, man cave, she shack, or as a gift for that party-ready friend.

This Mobile Pallet Bar means you can bring the party anywhere! Let's get building!

Make a Mobile Pallet Bar that has a recessed ice chest for your next party, and be the envy of your family and friends.
Go Build Ideas' DIY Video Tutorial shows each step of this mobile pallet bar.
You're almost ready for the party when you put the ice chest or crate into the center of your Mobile Pallet Bar.
Once assembled, drop in your ice chest or crate into the center, preferably filled with your favorite cold beverages!
A coating of spray paint creates a definitive contrast between the pedestal base and table top of this Mobile Pallet Bar.
A quick spray-paint coating will create contrast. If your party bar is going to remain outdoors, apply a quality UV-resistant sealant or paint. Fully encapsulate all surfaces of the wood.
The table top has been built, and now the side supports are installed, but we used chip board instead of pallet wood for the Mobile Pallet Bar
This project uses both upcycled and new materials, but build it entirely with pallet wood if you choose. Options are always nice to have on any project.
Checking measurements before cutting pieces for the Mobile Pallet Bar with a jigsaw.
I test-fitted everything before making any cuts. Measure twice; cut once as the saying goes.
I used a jigsaw to do the dismantling for my Mobile Pallet Bar.
We completed most of the work for this project using simple tools. We mixed purchased items and upcycled products, but this project could be made entirely from pallet wood.
Be sure to test out your Mobile Pallet Bar when you complete it.
You must test out your finished project, right? That would be a resounding "YES!" The best part is that you can move this pallet bar anywhere you want to watch the sunset, the lake, or even your kids playing in the mud.

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