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Video Tutorial: Simple Pallet Chair!

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Holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations are the highlight of our lives Sometimes all those guests can be stressful, especially when you don't have enough seating for that big game day or pool party. Solve that problem quickly and easily with this DIY Video Tutorial and make a Simple Pallet Chair! Now you can play musical chairs as a fun activity instead of a battle for the only seat left.

This DIY Video Tutorial will show you how to create extra seating like this Simple Pallet Chair.

This basic design can give you the opportunity for creativity. Add vertical slats for the back rest. Make the legs longer and add braces for bar stools (and then build yourself a pallet bar too). Use a router and soften the corners. Paint, stain, or even let the kids decoupage while cracking open a frosty beverage of your choice. The video will take you step-by-step from dismantling a pallet to installing the final trim pieces, and shows you every tool you need in the process.

Make a Simple Pallet Chair quickly. The DIY Video Tutorial will show you every step needed to create this project quickly.
Our partners at Sikana.tv have hundreds of amazing DIY Video Tutorials on a variety of subjects to improve your home, life, and more. Check them out! In the meantime, enjoy taking a break on a pallet chair that you made!
This DIY Video tutorial will show you the basics needed to dismantle a pallet and begin creating a Simple Pallet Chair.
See each step required, starting with the basics of dismantling pallets.
You only need basic hand tools to make this Simple Pallet Chair, such as a simple hand saw.
You can use power tools, but this project is so simple that a hand saw will work.
Each section of the video tutorial will show you how to complete each portion of this Simple Pallet Chair.
Each section of the video tutorial will show you what tool is needed to complete the step, including supplies. The video will make the construction of a pallet chair easy to accomplish.
This Simple Pallet Chair can be built in easy steps. In this photo, you can see both sides of the chair built.
The piece of furniture begins to take shape as the video proceeds. You now have both sides of the chair assembled.
Both sides of this Simple Pallet Chair are assembled, so connect them with the horizontal seat pieces.
It's time to connect the sides with the seat. Doesn't this project look simple? Think of all the extra seating you could create quickly for that big football party!
The finishing touches are addressed on this Simple Pallet Chair, including the seat back rest and then adding the finishing trim.
Add the seat back supports, and now it's time to fill in the gaps for looks and strength.
Watch each step of this Simple Pallet Chair done so that you can recreate it easily.
Watch each step performed, making this project easy to complete.
Here is the final Simple Pallet Chair completed. That didn't take long at all!
The simple pallet chair is perfect.

Now that you have new chairs how about a Pallet Coffee Table? Check out this Ultimate Fire Pit / BBQ Grill Table Combination! If you love these great DIY Videos, Follow Sikana on YouTube & Facebook!

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